What happened Rock Bottom Brewery?

Denver-based Rock Bottom Brewing has closed its Portland location. The chain, which began in 1991 in Denver, is owned by CraftWorks Holdings, which is based in Broomfield, Colorado, and also owns the Old Chicago chain of restaurants as well as the Gordon Biersch chain of brewpubs.

Is Rock Bottom out of business?

As of November 2019, CraftWorks owned and operated over 390 restaurants in the United States, but all of its owned-and-operated locations closed by March 2020, after a Chapter 11 bankruptcy followed immediately by the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, and CraftWorks and terminated its 18,000 employees, leaving …

Who owns Rock Bottom Brewery?

Centerbridge Capital Partners LP
Private-equity firm Centerbridge Capital Partners LP has purchased Rock Bottom Restaurants Inc., the owner of Old Chicago and Rock Bottom, as well as Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group Inc., the owner of the Gordon Biersch chain.

When did rock bottom close?

Rock Bottom Cincinnati’s Facebook page continued to list the establishment as “temporarily closed” on Tuesday afternoon. Rock Bottom announced the closure on March 18 to protect employees and customers from the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Did Old Chicago go out of business?

The parent of Logan’s Roadhouse, Old Chicago and Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after closing 37 stores. The company, CraftWorks Holdings, said it has asked the court to commence an auction of its assets.

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Who purchased Old Chicago?

A Nashville-based hospitality group has taken over operations and management of former Craftworks Holdings brands Logan’s Roadhouse, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom and other concepts after a bankruptcy court cleared the sale last month, according to a news release.

What company bought Old Chicago?

SPB Hospitality, the parent company of Logan’s Roadhouse and Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, recently named Jim Mazany its new CEO. Mazany most recently served as chief operations officer at TGI Fridays, where he helped lead the purchase and integration of more than 125 franchises into the system.

Who bought craft works?

Fortress Investment Group
Judge said deal was ‘best available option. ‘ A federal bankruptcy court approved Wednesday a $93 million credit bid by senior lender Fortress Investment Group to acquire CraftWorks, parent of Logan’s Roadhouse and Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom.

What does it mean to rock bottom someone?

Why are old Chicago’s closing?

The parent of the Logan’s Roadhouse and Old Chicago casual chains said it is “mothballing” all 261 of its restaurants after a lender withdrew financing to keep the bankrupt company in operation until it could emerge from Chapter 11 protection. All of the restaurants have been closed.

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