What gears are in a Dana 44?

A traditional Dana 44 axle uses an 8.5-inch ring gear. However, JK Wrangler rear axles use an 8.8-inch ring gear with a Dana 60-sized pinion shaft.

Are all Dana 44 gears the same?

Not all 44s are equal. The Dana 44 has been manufactured for nearly 70 years, and was original equipment under Jeep, Ford, GM, Dodge, International Harvester and Studebaker vehicles, and even the Isuzu Rodeo and Honda Passport. And almost every one of these had some unique, funky specification just for that model.

What Jeep has a Dana 44 front axle?

SJ Wagoneer: Grand Wagoneers, Full Size Wagoneers and Full Size Cherokees/Cherokee Chiefs came standard with Dana 44 front axles, and either the Dana 44 or AMC 20 rear axles.

How much does it cost to Regear a Dana 44?

Labor will always vary by region and shop, but you expect a ring and pinion gear installed to be approximately $500-$700 per axle. The being said, a complete regear job is several thousand dollars, done properly.

Is the Dana 44 strong?

It used to be that the Dana 44 was considered to be a fairly stout axle. But as trails got tougher and tires got larger, the 44 got dumped in favor of even stronger hardware. But the Dana 44 is a pretty stout piece, and many companies offer parts to make your 44 even stronger than it now is.

Are Dana 30 axles good?

The 30 has been proven as a good little axle as long as the tires stay under 36″ or so. Like I said, I run 35’s, 4.88’s, full locker and the stroker and I beat the piss out of it and have had almost no problems with it.

What gear ratio should I use for 35 inch tires?

Gear Ratio And Tire Size Calculator

3.31 4.56
34″ 2126 2929
35″ 2065 2845
36″ 2008 2766
37″ 1954 2692

Should I Regear with 35s?

Yes, going to 35s you should definitely regear. And yes, the 4.10 to 4.86 is the proper range for 35s. You trade off will be fuel economy vs towing power.

How can you tell a Dana 44?

Many Dana axles have the model ID cast into the fins or centersection. Look for a “44” or “60” cast into the reinforcement ribs. The number can usually be found on the lower right side rib below the differential cover, but it may also be found on other ribs or on top of the main cast structure.

What vehicles have a Dana 44 rear?

The Dana 44 has seen use in Chevrolet Corvettes and Dodge Vipers. This axle is referred to as a Dana 44 ICA or Dana 44 IRS. All 1980-1982 Chevrolet Corvette C3 and manual transmission equipped 1985-1996 Chevrolet Corvette C4 had this axle. A rear transaxle was used starting with the Corvette C5.

What is the difference in the Dana 30 and the Dana 44?

The only difference between the JK Dana 30 and Dana 44 is ring gear size, electronic locker, and bigger shafts. You’re better off just starting with an aftermarket Dana 44 that is a “true 44 “.

What oil does Dana 44 use?

The Dana 44’s on the Rubicon’s use 75w-140 gear oil. Some of the other axles have Trac-Loc that requires a special friction modifier to work properly. Most synthetic gear oils already have it mixed in, or you can pick up the little bottles at the Jeep dealership.

What is a Dana 44 front axle?

Dana 44 Solid Front Axle. Introduction: The Dana 44 was introduced after World War II and is commonly found under the front and rear of a wide variety of vehicles. Starting in 1972, modern factory Dana 44’s had 30-spine axle shafts with a thickness of 1.31 inches (earlier axles were 10- or 19-spline).