What font does BCG use?

BCG Henderson Serif. The Henderson is a proprietary typeface family designed to convey a strong personality to the Boston Consulting Group communication tools.

What font do consultants use?

I personally prefer the standard Arial font, with nice and clean light blue color. We have two custom fonts we must use on all materials. Where infeasible we can apply our judgement. I frankly just use Arial or Calibri for most materials where our in house fonts can’t be used.

Which font does Mckinsey use?


What font does Accenture use?

Rotis Sans Serif Extra Bold

What is McKinsey design?

With the Launch of McKinsey Design, the Consulting Group Confirms the Importance of Design to Business. It comes at the same time that the firm is introducing McKinsey Design, its dedicated design wing, which encompasses teams focusing on product design, experience design, and service design.

What is fjord Accenture?

Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive, is a design and innovation consultancy that reimagines people’s relationships with the digital and physical world around them. We use the power of design to create services people love.

Does McKinsey require cover letter?

Optional but recommended: your cover letter for McKinsey and how to pitch it. Unlike the CV, you are not required to submit a cover letter; however, you may find it a way to strengthen your application. The essential point to remember is to write a unique cover letter for every employer you apply to.