What ever happened to Ace of Base?

Ace of Base is a Swedish pop group, formed in 1990, originally consisting of siblings Jonas Berggren, Linn Berggren and Jenny Berggren, with Ulf Ekberg. Despite being largely inactive since 2012, the group has never officially disbanded.

What year did Ace of Base come out?

Background: Ace of Base, a four-piece pop group from Gothenburg, Sweden, released their debut album, Happy Nation — renamed The Sign for its U.S. release — in 1993.

Is Abba an Ace of Base?

The dreaded A-word–that’s ABBA–has finally come up. Ace of Base, you see, is a Swedish pop vocal group with two handsome men and two attractive women–just like you-know-who. “Yes, we’re like ABBA in a very basic way,” Berggren, 21, says with a weary sigh.

What hits did Ace of Base have?

With the help of hit singles like ”Lucky Love”, ”Beautiful Life” and ”Never Gonna Say I’m Sorry” and promotional trips around the world the album ”The Bridge” sold 5 million copies, a number most musicians only dream of.

What happened Linn Berggren?

Berggren had been staying at her parents’ house during a break in the band’s touring schedule when she was awoken by a woman holding a hunting knife. At that point Berggren’s mother, Birgitta, lunged at the intruder and managed to disarm her but received stab wounds in both hands.

Who died in Ace of Base?

Singer-songwriter Colin Vearncombe, who performed under the name Black, has died at the age of 53, two weeks after being injured in a car crash.

When was Ace of Base All That She Wants Number 1?

Official Chart Flashback 1993: Ace Of Base’s All That She Wants becomes their first (and only) UK Number 1.

What country is Ace of Base from?

Gothenburg, Sweden
Ace of Base/Origin

What is the meaning of Ace of Base?

Ace of Base is a pop group from Gothenburg, Sweden. Many fans get confused about their name, assuming that it must be “bass” as in the musical term. In fact, they picked the name because nobody could pronounce their old name (which makes them sound like champion fishermen), and they played in a basement.

When did Ace of Base don’t turn around come out?

March 14, 1994
Ace of Base version

“Don’t Turn Around”
Released March 14, 1994
Recorded 1993
Studio Tuffs, Gothenburg, Sweden
Genre Reggae fusion

Is Marie Fredriksson dead?

Deceased (1958–2019)
Marie Fredriksson/Living or Deceased

How old is Roxette now?

Marie Fredriksson
Born Gun-Marie Fredriksson30 May 1958 Össjö, Scania, Sweden
Died 9 December 2019 (aged 61) Djursholm, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Singer songwriter pianist

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Who are the original members of Ace of base?

Jenny said several times that she never left the band. On the contrary, she declared that all four original members were still band members and that, among the four of them, they owned the brand Ace of Base.

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