What episode does Sheldon explain Rock Paper Scissors?

Season 5, Episode 17 – The Rothman Disintegration As Sheldon and Barry Kripke argue over who should get Professor Rothman’s vacated office, Raj suggests they settle it with a game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. Barry Kripke has never heard of it so Sheldon explains the rules to him.

What is the Big Bang theory version of Rock Paper Scissors?

The rules: “Scissors decapitate Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.”

How does Rock Paper Scissors Spock work?

“Spock” is signified with the Star Trek Vulcan salute, while “lizard” is shown by forming the hand into a sock-puppet-like mouth. Spock smashes scissors and vaporizes rock; he is poisoned by lizard and disproved by paper. Lizard poisons Spock and eats paper; it is crushed by rock and decapitated by scissors.

How many outcomes are there in Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock?

So all together there are 12 possibilities (6 if you insist a = 1).

How does rock beat paper?

The familiar game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is played like this: at the same time, two players display one of three symbols: a rock, paper, or scissors. A rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper by cutting it, and paper beats rock by covering it.

Does lizard beat paper?

Boom. But what does lizard do? Lizard eats paper and poisons Spock.

Is Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock better?

Kass and Bryla’s original invention was titled “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock, Lizard”, which is more logically correct, but the game is more commonly known as “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock”.

Is Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock fair?

Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock is a game developed by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla [2] which generalizes RPS so that each player has five different moves: the three above, Lizard (L), and Spock (K). This five move game is also fair, in that each move wins against the same number of moves that it loses to.

Is Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock copyrighted?

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at [email protected].