What episode does flash catch Reverse Flash?

The Reverse-Flash Returns
“The Flash” The Reverse-Flash Returns (TV Episode 2016) – IMDb.

Why does reverse Flash return in Season 2?

Eddie killed himself to keep Eobard from ever being born. The version of Reverse-Flash that battled the crew of the Waverider in Legends of Tomorrow season 2 wasn’t the real Eobard Thawne; he was actually Eobard’s time remnant. He was created when Barry changed the past by stopping Thawne from killing his mother.

What season does reverse flash come back?

To that end, Reverse-Flash’s return in The Flash’s season 7 finale brings back Eobard as Wells, which certainly feels like a season 1 callback considering that Barry got to know this version of the villain the best out of all the other iterations.

Does Thawne return in the Flash?

Original cast member Tom Cavanagh — who exited the CW superhero drama midway through season 7 — returned in Tuesday’s finale as the character everyone loves to hate: Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Reverse Flash.

Is Godspeed Barry Allen?

Godspeed Born August Heart also known as Detective August Heart is a Metahuman Speedsters and The Former Detective Partner of Barry Allen. August was the only witness to Barry’s accident, that turned him into The Flash.

Is Nora Allen evil?

Nora West-Allen (born c. 2023), nicknamed XS by her mother, Iris West-Allen, is a meta-human speedster and a time traveler from a possible future. Her cover identity during her brief time as a villainous speedster was Jenni Ognats.

Is Eddie Thawne evil?

Eobard Thawne, in case you didn’t read the comics, is the Flash’s archenemy (he also goes by the aliases Professor Zoom and Reverse-Flash). Eddie is not the innocent good guy he pretends to be, but in fact, a supervillain.

How did Eobard Thawne get his powers?

Eobard Thawne found a time capsule in the 25th century containing a costume of the Flash (Barry Allen) and with a Tachyon device amplified the suit’s speed energy, giving himself speedster abilities.

Is Godspeed faster than flash?

Speed Scout: By “divide his Speed Force”, Godspeed is able to clone himself, thus being able to be in two places at once. He claims he is able to do this because he is much faster than the Flash. Unless the Speed Force is taken willfully from a speedster, the speedster will be killed with the loss of their powers.

Is Barry faster than reverse flash?

Despite Nora and Bart representing the next generation of speedsters, Barry is still way faster than both of them, and it boils down to a few key factors. Barry’s had to best Zoom, Reverse-Flash and Savitar — all who had incredible speed. Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. the Reverse-Flash, was even the one who trained Barry.

Is Barry faster than reverse-flash?

Who’s faster than the flash?

Wally is widely considered to be the Fastest Flash, and is significantly faster than Barry Allen. He has been confirmed to be the fastest being in the entire DC Multiverse.

When does the Flash Season 2 Episode 11 come out?

Carissa Pavlica at January 26, 2016 10:23 pm. Updated at January 27, 2016 5:35 am. Wow. Did that Hunter Zolomon scene have any meaning? Because if so…WOW.

How did the Reverse Flash get his powers?

Thawne started out obsessed with The Flash and wanted to become like him, replicating the accident that gave Barry his powers. After traveling back in time to meet his hero, Thawne discovered that he was destined to become Flash’s greatest enemy, and became resolved to be superior to Flash in every way, thus becoming the Reverse-Flash.

What happens to Tina McGee in the Flash?

Harry deduces the key to triggering Cisco’s ability to vibe. The Reverse Flash has returned and kidnaps Tina McGee to help him return to the future. Iris learns that her mother doesn’t have long to live.

How did Eobard Thawne get his powers in Flash?

While Eobard is in his cell talking with Barry, he recounts his origin story, which is taken from the 1990’s version of Thawne’s comic book origins, ignoring both his original origin and his rebooted Rebirth origin. Thawne started out obsessed with The Flash and wanted to become like him, replicating the accident that gave Barry his powers.