What does the term Nyika mean?

Nyika is a Swahili word meaning “bush” or “hinterland” (of the East African coast). More specifically, it can refer to: Mijikenda peoples, nine ethnic groups in coastal Kenya (also: Wanyika) Nyika language, a Bantu language of Tanzania and Zambia. Nyika National Park, Malawi.

What tribe is Nyika?

Nyika, also called Mijikenda, or Nika, any of several Northeast Bantu-speaking peoples including the Digo, who live along the coast of Kenya and Tanzania south from Mombasa to Pangani; the Giryama, who live north of Mombasa; and the Duruma, Jibana, Rabai, Ribe, Chonyi, Kaura, and Kambe, who live in the arid bush steppe …

Which country is Nyika Plateau found?

Nyika Plateau is a beautiful, montane, highland area, lying on the Malawian border, at the eastern-most tip of Zambia. The park is actually an extension of the National Park on the Malawian side, which incorporates the part of the plateau that’s crosses the border.

Where is Nyika plateau found in Kenya?

Nyika Plateau, high grassy tableland in northern Malaŵi. It is a tilted block extending from the Mzimba Plain northeast to the edge of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Nyasa.

Where is Nyika national park?

It is one of central Africa’s most beautiful montane plateaux. The Nyika National Park is located astride the Malawi/Zambia border to the north west of Lake Malawi. Most of the plateau is in Malawi but with a small western section (about 70 km²) in Zambia.

What is found in Nyika plateau?

The flora of the plateau include gladioli, delphiniums, lobelia, and ‘red hot pokers’. The plateau is also home to around 200 species of orchids. Groves of montane forests also dot the plateau.

Which mountains are found within Nyika plateau?

In the far north of Malawi, at an altitude of around 2,500m, Nyika is a rolling plateau dotted with stunning mountain outcrops. The Nyika National Park protects over 3,000km2 of this rich plateau, noted for the endemic herbs and heathers found in its rolling, montane grasslands.

How many plateaus are in Kenya?

12 PLATEAUS AND MONOLITHS Elevations run mainly between 300 and 900 meters (1,000 and 3,000 feet) except for the Chyulu Range and the Taita Hills, both of which rise to over 2,134 meters (7,000 feet).

How big is Nyika national park?

1,210 mi²
Nyika National Park/Area

How long is Nyika plateau?

about 90 km
It is roughly a diamond in shape, with a long north–south axis of about 90 km (56 mi), and an east–west axis of about 50 km (31 mi). It towers above Lake Malawi (elevation 475 m (1,600 ft)), and the towns of Livingstonia and Chilumba.

What is the main economic activity in the Nyika plateau?

Livestock production
Livestock production is the main economic activity of the Nyika Plateau which receives rainfall of below 700mm. The Nyika Plateau covers about two thirds of the county. According to the 2009 Census the population of livestock stood at 255,143 cattle, 349,755 goats, 83,133 sheep and 433,827 indigenous chicken.

Which are the relief regions in Kenya?


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