What does the sealed scroll say?

Take the sealed scroll and hand it to a grateful Anska, who will say: “I cannot thank you enough for all of the help.” Hand the scroll to her, and she will reward you with the Conjure Flaming Familiar spell tome: Here is the scroll. “And here’s a little something for helping me out.”

What happens if you keep the sealed scroll?

If you withhold the scroll from her and head outside, then later give her the scroll, she will return to the ruins and remain in Vokun’s throne room indefinitely. It is possible to clear the dungeon without Anska’s help.

What does vokun mean?

Vokun (Dragon Language: Vokun, “shadow; darkness”) is one of the named dragon priests of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. His full name translates to “Shadow” in the dragon tongue.

What is the scroll you give Anska?

A Scroll For Anska is a quest revolving around the Dragon Priest Vokun. You can start it off by entering High Gate Ruins and talking to Anska inside.

What level is vokun?

Skyrim:Vokun (creature)

Vokun (RefID: 000327C1)
Location High Gate Ruins
Species Dragon Priest
Level 50 Undead
RefID 000327C1 000327C2

What is a hulking Draugr?

A Hulking Draugr is a creature in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. The armor of the Hulking Draugr appears to be fashioned out of leather and furs stitched together, with a metal waist piece and shoulder pauldron.

Is vokun a dragon priest?

The enemy Vokun is a Dragon Priest and mask you find during the quest A Scroll for Anska in The Pale’s High Gate Ruins. Effects: Conjuration+20%, Illusion+20%, Alteration+20% .

Why do dragons say Krosis?

When Paarthurnax, Odahviing and tamed dragons engage in discussion with the Dragonborn, they tend to say “Krosis” to reflect a negative emotion that cannot be remedied, similar to the human phrases “too bad,” “alas” or “what a shame.” For example, when Paarthurnax is asked about Dragonrend he says, “But I do not know …

What are Draugr saying?

Unslaad Krosis, literally means, “Eternal sorrow”, according to UESP, and the lore page on draugr confirms that they do indeed say it.