What does the root MYEL mean in medical terms?

a combining form meaning “marrow,” “of the spinal cord,” used in the formation of compound words: myelocyte.

What does Plegia mean in medical terms?

plegia: Suffix meaning paralysis or a stroke. As in cardioplegia (paralysis of the heart), hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body), paraplegia (paralysis of the legs), and quadriplegia (paralysis of all four extremities). From the Greek plege meaning a blow or stroke.

Where is the MYEL O located?

1. The bone marrow. 2. The spinal cord and medulla oblongata.

What does Spondyl mean in medical terms?

Combining form denoting VERTEBRA or vertebral.

What is the medical term for disease of the nerves?

Encephalopathy (disease of the brain) Neuropathy (disease of the nerves) -plasia.

What mean para?

Para- (prefix): A prefix with many meanings, including: alongside of, beside, near, resembling, beyond, apart from, and abnormal. For example, the parathyroid glands are called “para-thyroid” because they are adjacent to the thyroid. For another example, paraumbilical means alongside the umbilicus (the belly button).

What is the medical term for pertaining to one side?

The medical term meaning pertaining to a side is: lateral. The correct spelling of the medical term meaning pertaining to one side (only) is: unilateral.

What does the root word ot mean?

a combining form meaning “ear,” used in the formation of compound words: otology. Also especially before a vowel, ot-.

What does lordo mean in medical terms?

(lōr’dō-skō’lē-ō’sis), Combined backward and lateral curvature of the spine. [G. lordos, bent back, + skoliōsis, crookedness, fr.

What does it mean to refer to something?

1 : to look at or in (something) for information She often refers to her notes when giving a speech. 3 : to talk about or write about (someone or something) especially briefly : to mention (someone or something) in speech or in writing No one referred to the incident. …