What does rural Carr Assoc SRV Reg RTE mean?

service regular route
“svr reg rte” stands for “service regular route” which means you have a guaranteed working day which is usually the day the regular carrier is off ..as an assistant you only work their route when they call in sick or on their day off (which will be the same each week) for whatever reason if you cant come in that day …

Is a rural carrier associate full time?

Rural Carrier is a fulltime career position that comes with the famous complete Postal benefits package. Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) is a non-career long-term relief job that can work directly in to a career position.

Whats the difference between rural carrier associate and assistant rural carrier?

4 answers. Assistant Rural Carriers (ARCs) deliver packages on Sundays, during certain holidays, during the Christmas season, and at management’s discretion. ARCs do not receive benefits as of right now. Rural Carrier Associates (RCAs) are letter carriers who work as substitutes for regular/career letter carriers.

What does a rural carrier associate do?

RCAs are responsible for the safe and efficient delivery and collection of the U.S. Mailâ„¢, working part time when regular carriers have scheduled days off or take vacation days. RCAs also sell stamps, supplies, and money orders.

How many hours a week does a RCA work?

most are around 8 to 9.2 hours. When an RCA works a route they get paid the evaluated hours even if it takes longer UNLESS they work more than 40 actual hours in a week. At more than 40 hours an RCA get paid actual time worked.

What is the difference between RCA and Arc?

An ARC only delivers Amazon packages on Sundays and minor holidays. An RCA does this, but also delivers mail and can lead into a full-time Rural Carrier position as a Regular. Rural carriers were in more remote places. Assistant rural carriers were there to assist with large routes.

Is rural carrier associate a good job?

Rural Carrier Associates at US Postal Service give their company a 3.9 out of 5.0, while the average rating for US Postal Service is 3.7, making them 5% happier than every other employee at US Postal Service and 5% happier than every other Rural Carrier Associate on CareerBliss – the happiest Rural Carrier Associates …

Which is better RCA or CCA?

Generally speaking, CCAs make a lot more money than their RCA counterparts, simply because they work a lot more hours.

Which job is better CCA or RCA?

How many hours a day does a RCA work?

Do rural carriers wear uniforms?

Attire. Rural carriers wear civilian clothes, not uniforms, while they deliver the mail. A minimal dress code is enforced, requiring cleanliness and a manner of dress that reflects a positive image of the Postal Service.

Can you transfer from RCA to CCA?

CAN you do it? Yes. RCA is not a career job, and your office has no hold on you. Do you have CCAs in your office as well, or in nearby offices?