What does Reveleries mean?

1. The act of showing joyful satisfaction in an event: celebration, festivity, merrymaking, rejoicing, revel (often used in plural). 2. conviviality, festival, festiveness, festivity, fun, gaiety, jollity, merriment, merrymaking, revel (often used in plural).

What longsuffering means?

: suffering for a long time without complaining : very patient during difficult times.

Does dissipation mean loss?

Waves or oscillations, lose energy over time, typically from friction or turbulence. In many cases, the “lost” energy raises the temperature of the system. For example, a wave that loses amplitude is said to dissipate.

What is Dolorosa mean?

: a painfully difficult route, passage, or series of experiences.

What does licentious woman mean?

The definition of licentious is being lacking in willpower or moral discipline, or being promiscuous (prone to random sex) or unwilling to conform to accepted rules. A woman or man who has indiscriminate sex without regard to the consequences is an example of someone who might be described as licentious.

What are revellings in the Bible?

Answer: The word revellings (“noisy partying” or “carousing”) is found in two places in the King James Version of the Bible. Galatians 5:19–21 includes revellings in the list of the works of the flesh. First Peter 4:3 mentions revellings as part of the lifestyle of “pagans,” meaning those who do not know God and who live as though He does not exist.

What does revellings mean?

Revelling, also spelled reveling, is defined as having a great time, or delighting in something. If you go out to celebrate your graduation and you are drinking, partying and having a great time, this is an example of when you are revelling. If you are watching your worst enemy get fired and you are taking great delight in the situation,…

What does Reveley mean?

KJV Dictionary Definition: revel. revel. REV’EL, v.i. L. rabo, rabio, to rage, whence rabies, rabid. 1. To feast with loose and clamorous merriment; to carouse; to act the bacchanalian. Antony, that revels long o’nights.

What is the biblical definition of Revelation?

Revelation is the supernatural communication of truth to the mind; inspiration (q.v.) secures to the teacher or writer infallibility in communicating that truth to others. It renders its subject the spokesman or prophet of God in such a sense that everything he asserts to be true, whether fact or doctrine or moral principle, is true,…