What does Nora plant in seedfolks and why?

Wendell does plant something, or so we can infer from the text, but the book does not tell us what it is. Leona plants golden rod; Sam, pumpkins; Virgil, lettuce; Sae Young, hot peppers. Curtis plants tomatoes, while Nora, something of a dreamer, plants less practical things: hollyhocks, poppies, and snapdragons.

What is Nora’s motivation in seedfolks?

Nora is determined and not afraid to get dirty so that Mr. M can plant his part of the garden. And from what she tells us, it doesn’t sound like Nora plants any seeds of her own. This is one selfless lady.

What does Nora gain from participating in the garden?

By participating in the garden, she is able to gain a family-like community, and a sense of security and trust towards others.

What are 4 things Nora compares the garden to?

She compares the excitement of gardening itself to soap operas and tragedies: “It has suspense, tragedy, startling developments—a soap opera growing out of the ground.”

What problem does Maricela face in seedfolks?

The most pressing problem facing Maricela, however, is her pregnancy. This leads her to drop out of school and causes conflicts with her parents. She doesn’t view her pregnancy positively, at times considering abortion or wishing for a miscarriage.

How old is Maricela from seedfolks?

Maricela is a 16-year-old Mexican girl and one of the novel’s narrators.

What is the theme of Seedfolks?

The overriding theme of “Seedfolks” is the power of the individual to effect good in a society. Related themes include the challenge of community and the healing aspect of working with the land.

What does Leona gain in Seedfolks?

Leona takes a bag of stinking garbage to the Health Department. After spending useless hours on the phone, she is finally rewarded with a face to face meeting about the situation. Through her perseverance and wit, Leona gets the garbage cleared off the lot.

How does Wendell help the garden in seedfolks?

Wendell is an old white man who originally hails from Kentucky. Before he moved to Cleveland, he lived on a farm, but now he works as a janitor. It’s Wendell’s vast experience of agriculture that makes him such a knowledgable gardener. And it’s why members of the community instinctively look…

How old is Maricela from Seedfolks?

What did Leona say to Maricela?

The whole garden is quiet. Leona starts talking about how Maricela is part of nature. And then a dazed Maricela has a revelation: “for just that minute I stopped wishing my baby would die” (11.8).

Who does Maricela like to talk to in the garden?

One Puerto Rican kid’s pumpkin plants keep invading Maricela and her classmates’ plants, which gives him an excuse to talk to 15-year-old Dolores, who’s still pretty despite her pregnancy. Maricela can’t wait for her to get big.