What does Lightweight Pro do mw2?

Lightweight currently allows players a 7% movement speed increase, following a discovery that the PC Patch 1.06 decreased it from its original 10% speed boost. When upgraded to Pro, which requires a prerequisite of sprinting 30 miles with the perk equipped, users are able to fire their weapons faster after sprinting.

What is one man army Pro in mw2?

One Man Army (sometimes abbreviated as “OMA”) is a Tier 1 perk available in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It allows the user to switch classes without needing to respawn. However, as a downside, it removes the user’s secondary weapon. The perk is unlocked at level 45.

What does Dead Silence Pro do?

Dead Silence returns in Call of Duty: Strike Team. It allows players to reduce their audio signature. The Pro version allows the player to greatly reduce their audio signature. It is unlocked after completing the Europa Fall mission.

How do you get Ninja Pro in mw2?

Ninja makes its debut in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Users are not detected on the Heartbeat Sensor attachment. The Pro version of this perk is unlocked after players kill 50 players in “close-quarters” while using the perk.

What does steady aim do?

Steady Aim is a Tier 3 perk available at Rank 30. It allows you to fire more accurately when not aiming down your weapon’s sights. When you’re firing from the hip, you will be given a set of crosshairs. Steady Aim keeps the crosshairs smaller than usual.

Is there an overkill in mw2?

Create-a-Class Description. Overkill returns as a Wildcard in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The second primary weapon may only be equipped with one attachment, unless Secondary Gunfighter is in use (which will give the player a maximum of two attachments for that weapon).

What does Sleight of Hand Pro do?

Overview. Sleight of Hand decreases the reload time for all weapons by 50%. Its pro version decreases the time it takes to aim down sights on all weapons excluding sniper rifles, to prevent quick scoping. Sleight of Hand is best utilized on assault rifles and SMGs to bolster their performance.

How do I get commando pro?

The Pro version (unlocked by making 20 melee kills with the perk equipped, including the knife, Tactical Knife and the Riot Shield) completely negates damage from high falls, which can be tactically exploited on maps with long drops such as Quarry, Favela, Sub Base, and Underpass.

Does high alert hear dead silence?

Raven Software has come up with a perfect counter to Dead Silence in the form of the Warzone High Alert perk. In an upcoming change, any player with the Warzone High Alert perk equipped will hear the footsteps of enemies using the Dead Silence filed upgrade.

How do you get dead silence perk in Codm?

The Dead Silence Perk COD Mobile will unlock when players reach level 27. You can equip it in the third slot (Blue).