What does IB Math HL cover?

In Mathematics HL, a student is required to perform an in-depth study of the Core curriculum topics of algebra, functions and equations, circular functions and trigonometry, matrices, vectors, statistics and probability, and calculus.

What is IB Math Studies equivalent to?

IB Math Studies SL (50 minute class) 11th or 12th Grade Projects may take the form of mathematical modeling, investigations, applications, and statistical surveys. This course material is equivalent to a high school pre-calculus course.

What is the difference between IB Math SL and HL?

IB Math HL is significantly harder than IB Math SL. The majority of the IB Math HL curriculum is focused on in-depth calculus. IB Math HL is very difficult, whereas IB Math SL is manageable if you’re not naturally good at math.

What is a CAS experience?

A CAS experience is a specific event in which the student engages with one or more of the three CAS strands. CAS experience can be a single event or may be an extended series of events. Typically, a student’s CAS programme combines planned/unplanned singular and ongoing experiences.

What are the 7 learning outcomes of CAS?

CAS aims to develop students who: • enjoy and find significance in a range of CAS experiences • purposefully reflect upon their experiences • identify goals, develop strategies and determine further actions for personal growth • explore new possibilities, embrace new challenges and adapt to new roles • actively …

What is the purpose of CAS IB?

What is the significance of CAS? CAS enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience. It provides opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others, fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment from their work.

What counts as a CAS activity?

CAS is a program, which includes Creativity, Action, and Service activities. Each of these activities can be performed separately or combined partially or totally into a single project, which spans junior and senior years.

How many reflections do you need for CAS?