What does Fall Out Boy mean?

Formed in 2001, the name “Fall Out Boy” was chosen when the band asked the crowd in their second show what their name should be and an audience member shouted out “Fallout Boy,” the name of The Simpson’s fictional superhero, Radioactive Man’s sidekick. …

Who wrote Fall Out Boy I don’t care?

Joe Trohman
Pete WentzAndy HurleyPatrick StumpNorman Greenbaum
I Don’t Care/Composers

Why did Fall Out Boy break up?

In the latest episode of Inside Track, our new podcast where rock’s biggest personalities tell the true stories behind the moments that defined them, Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman reveals that part of what inspired the band’s hiatus was simply learning the truth about what goes into being a nonstop touring punk …

Who is the woman at the end of I don’t care?

Sarah Palin
Viewers are returned to the green room, where Clarke, still mocking the band, tears off his mask and reveals himself as Sarah Palin, who gives Palin’s trademark wink to the audience as the video ends.

What is Fall Out Boy’s most famous song?

Top 10 Fall Out Boy Songs

  • # 8 – I Don’t Care.
  • # 7 – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)
  • # 6 – Uma Thurman.
  • # 5 – Thnks fr th Mmrs.
  • # 4 – The Phoenix.
  • # 3 – Sugar We’re Going Down.
  • # 2 – This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race.
  • # 1 – Dance Dance.

When did Fall Out Boy get big?

Fall Out Boy rose to the forefront of emo pop in the mid-2000s, selling more than four million albums thanks to the band’s tabloid-grabbing bassist, able-voiced frontman, and handful of multi-platinum, Top 40 hits.

How do you say I don’t care in English?

7 Ways to Say You Do Not Care

  1. I don’t care. This is the most basic expression.
  2. I don’t care at all. We use “at all” to emphasize that we do not care.
  3. I couldn’t care less. This expression shows that we care 0%.
  4. It doesn’t matter to me.
  5. So what?
  6. I don’t give a crap.
  7. I don’t give a damn.

Did Pete Wentz leave Fall Out Boy?

He is best known as the bassist and lyricist for the American rock band Fall Out Boy, since 2001. During Fall Out Boy’s hiatus from 2009 to 2012, Wentz formed the experimental, electropop and dubstep group Black Cards. He owns a record label, DCD2 Records, which has signed bands including Panic!

Where are Fall Out Boy now?

Fall Out Boy is technically still on hiatus, not broken up, but Stump is now fully focused on reintroducing himself as a solo artist: His first release, the EP Truant Wave, came out in February, showcasing his move away from pop-punk and toward R&B.

Did Fall Out Boy get back together?

After a three-year break, during which time it wasn’t clear whether they had officially split up, Fall Out Boy announced they’re getting the band back together. It’s why we started Fall Out Boy in the first place. This isn’t a reunion because we never broke up.

What is another word for I don’t care?

What is another word for don’t care?

uncommitted floating
apathetic casual
fence-sitting free-spirited
indifferent laid-back
restrained uninterested

What is the shortest number 1 song?

In the US, the shortest number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart is “Stay” by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. It spent only one week at number 1, on November 21, 1960. I’ve seen various reports on the length of this song ranging from 1:37 to 1:50.

When did I don’t care by Fall Out Boy come out?

An unofficial extended version of the song is played during the end credits of the 2008 film Sex Drive. Fall Out Boy also make a cameo appearance in the movie. The song was included in previews of the 2009 film Fired Up. To date only three remixes of the song are considered as official remixes.

Who is the guitarist for Fall Out Boy I don’t care?

Towards the end of the song, guitarist Joe Trohman has a brief faint solo, which can be heard more clearly on Harmonix video game “Rock Band”, where the master recordings were adjusted. Although Folie a Deux struggled commercially as a whole, “I Don’t Care” was met with moderate success as its lead single.

Who is the lead singer of Fall Out Boy?

The song has been described as a very political track by Patrick Stump, the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, but not political in the traditional sense; more about the politics of a relationship. Stump has said that this song is about the superficiality and selfishness that is associated with pop culture.

What was the message of the song I don’t care?

— Patrick Stump on the song’s message. Wentz referred to “I Don’t Care” as a “narcissist’s anthem”, further commenting that “To me, it’s like a YouTube anthem for the YouTube generation, just about how our attention span is about seven seconds… [it asks,] ‘Why can’t we get people to pay attention for two minutes and 35 seconds?'”