What does brooding oppressiveness mean?

adj. 1. Exercising power arbitrarily and often unjustly; tyrannical. 2. Difficult to cope with; causing hardship or depressed spirits: oppressive demands.

What is meant by suppressive?

adjective. tending or acting to suppress; involving suppression. psychiatry tending to prevent the expression of certain of one’s desires or to resist the emergence of mental symptoms.

Is oppressively a word?

adj. 1. Exercising power arbitrarily and often unjustly; tyrannical. 2.

What does it mean to twitch something?

transitive verb. : to move or pull with a sudden motion : jerk. twitch.

What does broody mean in English?

1 : being in a state of readiness to brood eggs that is characterized by cessation of laying and by marked changes in behavior and physiology a broody hen. 2 : given or conducive to introspection : contemplative, moody.

What is brooding in birds?

Brooding, in zoology, pattern of behaviour of certain egg-laying animals, especially birds, marked by cessation of egg laying and readiness to sit on and incubate eggs. Many birds develop a brood patch—an area of bare, featherless skin on the underbody—in preparation for incubation and brooding.

What’s the difference between suppression and oppression?

Definitions of Oppression and Suppression: Oppression: Oppression refers to harsh and unfair treatment of an individual or a group of people. Suppression: Suppression refers to putting an end to something by force.

What is the meaning of suppressive therapy?

Suppressive therapy means that the goal is a TSH below the normal range and is used in thyroid cancer patients to prevent growth of any remaining cancer cells and sometimes in patients with thyroid nodules to prevent nodule growth.

What is the meaning of oppressively?

adjective. burdensome, unjustly harsh, or tyrannical: an oppressive king; oppressive laws. causing discomfort by being excessive, intense, elaborate, etc.: oppressive heat. distressing or grievous: oppressive sorrows.

Is muscle twitching normal?

Considerations. Muscle twitching is caused by minor muscle contractions in the area, or uncontrollable twitching of a muscle group that is served by a single motor nerve fiber. Muscle twitches are minor and often go unnoticed. Some are common and normal.