What can the C-17 carry?

The full C-17 payload can consist of a maximum of eighteen 463L cargo pallets. Normal troop seating is accomplished with 54 fixed sidewall seats and / or 48 centerline cargo floor seats. For special configurations a maximum seating combination using sidewall seats and 9 seat pallets will support up to 188 passengers.

How big is C-17?

174 feet long
The C-17 measures 174 feet long (53 meters) with a wingspan of 169 feet, 10 inches (51.75 meters).

What is the lift capacity of a C-17?

Boeing’s C-17 Globemaster III military airlift aircraft is a high-wing, four-engine, T-tailed military transport vehicle capable of carrying payloads up to 169,000lb (76,657kg).

Who manufactures the C-17?

McDonnell Douglas
Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III/Manufacturers

Is the C-17 still in production?

It marks the end of an era that began with the C-17’s 1st flight, on Sept 15/91. In a follow-on release, Boeing says that C-17 production for all customers will end in 2015, with the closure of the Long Beach, CA assembly line after the last 22 C-17s are delivered.

How big is the cargo compartment on a C-17 Globemaster?

For cargo operations the C-17 requires a crew of three: pilot, copilot, and loadmaster. The cargo compartment is 88 feet (27 m) long by 18 feet (5.5 m) wide by 12 feet 4 inches (3.76 m) high. The cargo floor has rollers for palletized cargo but it can be flipped to provide a flat floor suitable for vehicles and other rolling stock.

What kind of tank does the C-17 carry?

The C-17 carries a cargo of wheeled U.S. Army vehicles in two side-by-side rows, including the U.S. Army’s main battle tank, the M-1.

How much does it cost to fly a C 17?

The C-17 was outfitted with all of the latest avionics updates and priced at $366.2 million. The cost-per-flight hour of the C-17 is $23,811 which is notably cheaper than the next step up in transport aircraft. The C-5 Galaxy costs $78,817 per flight hour.

What kind of helicopters can a C 17 transport?

Three combat-ready Stryker infantry-fighting vehicles comprise one full load.The C-17 can also transport helicopters. A full C-17 load can comprise of two UH-60 Blackhawk utility military helicopters. If a suitable area for landing is not available, the C-17 can also deliver its cargo by airdrop.