What cable do I need for HondaLink?

Requires registration with HondaLink. Requires HDMI cable connector, Apple lightning adapter, and Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® connection. See handsfreelink.honda.com for more details (US only).

Does HondaLink work with iPhone?

HondaLink is a trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. To get started, you must have the following: iPhone 5 or later Compatible phones include iPhone 5s, 5c and 5. HondaLink iOS cable kit Please use the included cable kit(s).

Does Honda support Apple car key?

Within Bluetooth range, Android and IOS users can enter the car. Alternatively, Android users can also enter with NFC by tapping their smartphone on the B-pillar.

How do I connect my iPhone to HondaLink?

How to Connect to HondaLink App

  1. Download and open the HondaLink app on your Apple or Android smartphone.
  2. Input your Vehicle Identification Number.
  3. Create a new account or login with your Honda ID.
  4. Follow prompts to pair the app with your vehicle.

Is HondaLink worth the money?

HondaLink has been on the market for years now, even though users tend to be more familiar with its competitors. You’ll find that costs are a bit higher for HondaLink’s full subscription services. However, the value may be worth it for its added security, user-friendly system, and new technology.

Do you pay for HondaLink?

The HondaLink® app keeps you connected with your vehicle no matter where you are. It’s all at your fingertips and it’s easy to use! These features are all free and come standard to the app for select vehicles.

Do I have to pay for HondaLink?

What is the point of HondaLink?

What is HondaLink? It’s a suite of connective services that allow you to pair your smartphone to your Honda vehicle. This means you can access mobile apps via the Infotainment system’s central display. With HondaLink, you can connect to contacts, stream music, use social media, and more.

Can I unlock my car with HondaLink?

You can also use the HondaLink® “Convenience at a Touch” feature. These include remote start and remote lock and unlock, so you can start, lock, and unlock your car from faraway. It also features security alarm alert, so you can receive alerts of when your security alarm is triggered, and stolen vehicle locator.

How much is HondaLink monthly?

Explore the HondaLink app

Security 3-MONTH TRIAL $99/YEAR Remote 3-MONTH TRIAL $129/YEAR* *HondaLink Remote service does not include Security service
Personal Data Wipe Easily and remotely reset your navigation system back to its factory state. Find My Car Easily pinpoint your car’s exact location from almost anywhere.

Is there a fee for HondaLink?

HondaLink is a connected services technology that creates a link between a Honda model and its owner’s smartphone. Some aspects of HondaLink are free, but some require a paid HondaLink Services subscription following a short no-cost trial period. Honda owners can access HondaLink functions using a smartphone app.

Do you need to pay for HondaLink?

What are the features of the HondaLink app?

The HondaLink® app has added new and exciting remote control features like Remote Engine Start, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, and Find My Car, available for 2018+ Odyssey Touring, 2018+ Accord Touring, 2019 Insight Touring, 2019 Pilot* and Passport* Touring/Elite vehicles.

How does Honda connect with your smart phone?

Stay connected with your vehicle, right from your smartphone. Customized convenience, assistance, service, and connectivity – it’s at your fingertips with the easy-to-use HondaLink app. Download today! Detailed vehicle information is easily accessible with the digital owner’s manual and guides.

Is the Honda Link app good for 2019 CRV?

And Honda Link apps time expired, need to send the code again. Only good at the first login. After that , this application is useless. So right after I got my 2019 CR-V the app worked and connected to give me the basics of oil and car mileage.

What are the pros of the Honda app?

PROS: like the app for the following features: remote start, the lock/unlock doors, security alert and find vehicle. The app also shows how much gas you have and the miles you can travel, the PSI for tires and any alerts or recall messages. It also gives you locations of Honda dealers.