What are the questions for reading AFS 2-6?

Just a short and simple list of example questions for each of the Reading Assessment Focuses (2-6). Drawn from examples from National Curriculum Test, gives approximately 10 examples of the type of question that might be asked for each focus. Useful for guiding teacher assessment and understanding.

What does af2 stand for in reading assessment?

Reading aloud with fluency, understanding and expression also involves taking note of punctuation and other written language conventions. AF2 Understand, describe, select or retrieve information, events or ideas from texts and use quotation and reference to text AF2 applies to all levels of reading and all kinds of texts.

What are the resources in the Guided Reading Resource Pack?

This amazing guided reading resource pack features all of our assessment focused resources in one handy file so you can save even more time. Includes guidelines, checklists, question cards, question mats, bookmarks, and more! The above video may be from a third-party source. We accept no responsibility for any videos from third-party sources.

How does AF5 apply to fiction and information?

AF5 applies to information as well as fiction texts: deliberately crafted language can be found in many different forms of writing. Pupils may learn to spot specific features in texts but attainment in this AF depends on being able to explain why particular usages are effective and what they mean.

What makes up an assessment focus ( AFS )?

Assessment focuses (AFs) are based on the National Curriculum programmes of study and level descriptions. They cover the areas for assessment and provide the framework for National Curriculum tests.

How does af2 apply to all levels of reading?

◦ AF2 applies to all levels of reading and all kinds of texts. ◦ Pupils’ skills in retrieving information from texts are shown in different ways, from comments to paraphrase or retellings to summary and synthesis. ◦ At the highest levels, work in AF2 demonstrates critical insights based on close reading, merging with AF3.

Which is better autofocuser 2 or AF3?

Apart from the smoother motion, it also provides more accurate movement with microstepping down to 1/256. Enclosure was also optimized for easier assembly, but of course retained backward compatibility with every existing adapter. AF3 is also ASCOM/INDI compatible, just like AF1 and AF2.