What are the OP-1 rubber bands for?

rubber band. you may use the paperfoam box in which your OP-1 came delivered as a temporary storage box. use the rubber bands to seal the box.

How do you use OP-1?


  1. power on. make sure that your OP-1 is fully charged.
  2. play a synthesizer sound. press the [synthesizer] key.
  3. play a drum sound. press the [drum] key.
  4. record to tape. T1.
  5. using the mixer. first make sure that you have some recorded material on the tape.

How do I connect OP-1 to my computer?

Connect your OP-1 to a computer using the USB cable. Sounds 1-8 are located in the USER FOLDER located inside Synth and Drum folders. Drag the sound you want to save to your desktop and rename it, or rename the sound inside the folder. Keep in mind using names with a maximum of ten characters.

How do you know if OP-1 is fully charged?

the battery level is indicated by the LED array on the right side of your OP-1. all LEDs lit (including the red) indicates a fully charged battery good for around 8-9 hours of heavy use.

Why is the OP-1 so expensive?

“We have had to face other costs than the actual components’ costs of course,” said Teenage Engineering in the interview. “The currency conversion, inflation, sourcing of the new component, re-coding the display, re-designing the mounting, new tools etc. are just a few of the “why”.

Can you use OP-1 while charging?

After it’s been powered on you can power it off again and as long as the charging cable will stay connected it will keep charging full speed. So make sure you power on your OP-1 atleast once when charging and you will receive a full battery in just a couple of hours!

What is the Op-1 for?

use OP-1 to synchronize your pocket operators or connect it to any other gear using midi over usb. audio can be streamed directly over usb so no external sound card is needed. when you connect OP-1 to a computer using the included usb cable, OP-1 shows up as an audio device, midi controller or a mass storage device.

What comes with the Op-1?

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  • synthesis. OP-1 comes with several unique synthesizer engines, all instantly accessible with the sound selection keys.
  • instant sampler.
  • 4-track tape.
  • mixer & effects.
  • sequencers.
  • multiple inputs.
  • controller mode.
  • instant tape editing.

Does the OP-1 have Bluetooth?

The device has bluetooth built into it, but this is just used for controlling the accompanying iOS app. The OP-Z’s power is in its sequencer, however, and it can be happily programmed and played back using bluetooth headphones.

Does the OP-1 quantize?

in beat match OP-1 acts as the master clock source, sending MIDI sync over usb, that can be used to synchronize external gear. beat match also means tempo and tape speed are linked together (note the green link symbol). turn the green encoder to select beat match.

How long does the OP-1 last?

about 8-10 hours
the OP-1 battery will last about 8-10 hours of constant use, on a full charge. in standby mode the battery will last about 16 hours.

Is the OP-1 Worth the money?

An amazing portable synth, drum machine, production tool. The OP-1 can be one thing or many things depending on how you use it. To me it’s an instrument unto itself. There’s a lot of features and it takes some time to learn to use it effectively for recording or live performance but it’s definitely worth the effort.