What are synonyms for invaluable?

synonyms for invaluable

  • helpful.
  • valuable.
  • costly.
  • dear.
  • expensive.
  • inestimable.
  • precious.
  • serviceable.

How do you say something is invaluable?

Invaluable Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for invaluable?

indispensable priceless
of incalculable value of inestimable value
of inestimable worth of immeasurable value
of immeasurable worth incomparable

What is another word for giving feedback?

What is another word for feedback?

response evaluation
explanation help
rebuttal recommendation
reply retaliation
review sentiment

What does invaluable experience mean?

(ɪnvælyuəbəl ) adjective. If you describe something as invaluable, you mean that it is extremely useful. I was able to gain invaluable experience over that year. Synonyms: precious, valuable, priceless, costly More Synonyms of invaluable.

What is the synonym of flourish?

Synonyms for flourish. burgeon. (also bourgeon), prosper, thrive.

What is the synonym of vitality?

What is another word for vitality?

energy life
brio vim
vivacity bounce
exuberance liveliness
sparkle verve

What is a opposite word for invaluable?

Opposite of of great or significant value. worthless. rubbish. useless. valueless.

What is the antonym for feedback?

What is the opposite of feedback?

nonresponse apathy
disinterest indifference
detachment disregard
silence disinterestedness

What is a synonym for negative feedback?

2 annulling, counteractive, invalidating, neutralizing, nullifying. 3 antagonistic, colourless, contrary, cynical, gloomy, jaundiced, neutral, pessimistic, uncooperative, unenthusiastic, uninterested, unwilling, weak. n. 4 contradiction, denial, refusal. Antonyms.

Is invaluable a good thing?

Invaluable, on the other hand, means “valuable beyond estimation.” Much like priceless, it describes something that is of such a great value that it cannot fairly be quantified: Great mentors have had an invaluable impact on my career success to date.

Is invaluable positive or negative?

If valuable means costly or precious, it seems intuitive that invaluable would be its opposite, namely, not costly or precious. The prefix in- is often used as a negation, like in the words inattentive and indefensible. Invaluable requires some mental gymnastics.

Is weaken a antonym for flourish?

“The nation’s leaders are scrambling to suppress any bad publicity about the recent fiasco.”…What is the opposite of flourish?

wither diminish
droop wane
decline fade
shrink shrivel
weaken wizen

Which is the best synonym for valuable feedback?

Valuable Feedback synonyms – 34 Words and Phrases for Valuable Feedback. valuable information. useful information. helpful information. important feedback. information of value. useful feedback. valuable data. relevant information.

How many synonyms are there for the word invaluable?

Use filters to view other words, we have 377 synonyms for invaluable. If you know synonyms for Invaluable, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words. Synonyms for Invaluable. (2016).

What is feedback and what does it mean?

“The feedback we are getting from buyers is that they now have less disposable income to spend.” A high-pitched noise created when there is a loop between a microphone and a speaker “A loud screech was heard as a result of feedback between the sound systems.”

What do you mean by feedback in Freakonomics?

(BONUS EPISODE) MARIA KONNIKOVASEPTEMBER 12, 2020 FREAKONOMICS That plane—still a work in progress in California—is intended to be a demonstrator craft that NASA will fly over the US to gauge public feedback in response to what the agency refers to as the plane’s “thump,” or quiet sonic boom.