What are group differences?

Group Differences Defined. Consistently observed differences (averages) among diverse groups of students (e.g., gender or ethnic background)

What is a group difference in intelligence?

Group differences in IQ are real and are primarily caused by the interactive influence of genetic and environmental factors. Group differences in IQ are real and are primarily or entirely caused by social and/or environmental factors.

What is individual and group differences?

Group factors can relate to qualities within the group, but can also be caused by the environment within which the group operates. Individual differences in intelligence can relate to a group the individual belongs to, but can also relate to something that effects only that person.

What does individual differences mean in psychology?

“Individual differences are found in all psychological characteristics physical mental abilities, knowledge, habit, personality and character traits.” Individual differences in bodily appearance and physique, habits and skills, interests and temperaments, abilities and attainments have already been recognised.

How does gender determine intelligence?

Males have larger brains than females, even when corrected for body size, and brain size is positively correlated with intelligence. This leads to the expectation that males should have higher average levels of intelligence than females. Yet the consensus view is that there is no sex difference in general intelligence.

What are the two groups of IQ?

What do IQ tests measure?

  • Verbal intelligence: the ability to understand, use and learn language.
  • Numerical intelligence: the ability to calculate.
  • Spatial intelligence: the ability to solve complex spatial problems.
  • Logical intelligence: the ability to reason.

Why is a group better than one person?

A group has the potential to collect more complete information, compared to an individual, while making decisions. An individual uses his own intuition and views. A group has many members, so its many views and many approaches result in better decision-making.

What is a group need?

Groups are central to who we are as human beings; we define ourselves and meet our needs within them. The Group Needs Model presents six needs in three pairs: Self: Acceptance of self while developing one’s Potential. Group: A Bond with others that grows while pursuing a common Purpose.

What are the concept of individual differences?

Individual differences can be defined as personal characteristics that distinguish learners from each other in the teaching and learning processes.