Is Two Steps From Hell copyright free?

We’ve been getting many requests every day to use our music in various productions free of charge. The rule here is if you have a personal project, that will not be sold or posted online on any commercial website, we do not mind. So let’s say you are making a film in film school and used our music. …

Does Two Steps From Hell use a real orchestra?

The world’s number one epic music producers and composers, Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix aka Two Steps from Hell, are for the first time ever going on a live official concert tour across Europe in 2020, with a full orchestra, choir, and soloists performing their soundtracks (more information about the tour).

Why are there two steps from hell?

With the founding of the company in 2006, Bergersen was looking for a name that would draw attention with the old adage in mind, “All PR is good PR.” The idea for the name came from “Two Steps From Heaven”, a Norwegian nightclub that, according to Bergersen, had a similar theme going on.

Who wrote two steps from hell?

The world’s number one epic music producers and composers, namely Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix, are breaking every streaming and follower record with their California-based production company Two Steps From Hell.

Is Thomas Bergersen royalty free?

Completely Royalty Free Music Powerful and energetic orchestral track with full choir and percussions! Contemporary music for film and trailer.

Who wrote Heart of Courage?

Thomas Bergersen
Heart of Courage/Composers

What music genre is two steps from hell?

Two Steps from Hell/Genres

What movie is two steps from hell victory in?

Lord of the Rings Cinematic | Two Steps From Hell – Victory.

What software does Audiomachine use?

Paul Dinletir Dinletir’s influences are Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy; he regularly listens to soundtracks. He used Logic Pro software for 15 years and switched to Steinberg Cubase.

Is Audiomachine royalty free?

No. You do not own the music. Purchasing a license only allows you to use the music for your project and purpose specified in the license agreement. That is different than ownership.

Is Audiomachine music copyright free?

No. You do not own the music. Uploading Audiomachine music to Content ID will cause mistaken copyright claims for other users and for your future projects, and constitutes a violation of our licensing terms.