Is there an octonauts Christmas episode?

When all of the Octonauts are trapped in a dangerous blob of marine mucilage, or sea snot, the Vegimals must step up and rescue the crew in time for the Christmas meal….Next:

“A Very Vegimal Christmas”
Season , Episode 5
Airdate: 10 December 2013

Where can I watch octonauts Christmas?

On this very merry DVD, join the Octonauts as they celebrate the holidays! The Vegimals plans for a Christmas feast aboard the Octopod are interrupted when the Octonauts become entangled in a gigantic blob of sea snot!…

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Will there be a season 5 of octonauts?

Season 5 is an upcoming season of Octonauts. It was originally going to air in Autumn 2018, but was delayed because of air date traffic for CBeebies. The season premiered in China on December 28th 2020 on CCTV14 at 18:17, and aired new episodes throughout January 2021.

What are the names of the Vegimals?

Vegimal Name List

  • Tunip – Tuna and Turnip.
  • Barrot – Bass and Carrot.
  • Tominnow – Tomato and Minnow.
  • Grouber – Ginger and Grouper.
  • Codish – Radish and Coy.
  • Sharchini – Zucchini and Shark.
  • Perchkin – Pumpkin and Perch.
  • Halibeet – Beet and Halibut.

How did Shellington find the Vegimals?

The vegimals were discovered by Shellington as eggs attached to the side of the Octopod. To protect them he brought them into his lab, where they hatched a few days later. After a few weeks they established themselves as an integral part of the crew.

Is octonauts real?

The NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research is the only U.S. federal organization dedicated to exploring our unknown ocean. The Octonauts are a team of quirky and courageous undersea adventurers with the mission to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures, and protect the ocean.

Is the octonauts leaving Netflix?

3 Octonauts Originally airing on BBC, the series has four seasons and 11 specials, and all will be leaving Netflix as of January 1, 2021. The animated series is also streaming on Amazon Prime Video and is available from other sites as well, like Disney Junior.

Will there be a season 6 of Octonauts?

London’s Silvergate Media has started production on a sixth season of its hit animated preschool series Octonauts. Featuring new underwater environments, characters and vehicles, upcoming episodes from the 52 x 11-minute season are expected to launch globally from 2020.

Did Octonauts get Cancelled?

Octonauts is a British children’s television series, produced by Silvergate Media for the BBC channel CBeebies, and based on the children’s books written by Vicki Wong and Michael C. Murphy. The show was renewed for a fifth series in 2018, with Canada’s Mainframe Studios taking over animation work.

What animal is Kwazii from octonauts?

KWAZII KITTEN Kwazii is a daredevil orange kitten with a mysterious pirate past.

What kind of cat is Kwazii?


Kwazii Cat
Gender: Male
Color: Orange
Species: Cat
Grandparents: Calico Jack

Is turnip a girl or boy?

Gender. Turnip is described as Gage’s son in A Clash of Kings, Chapter 4, but is called a pot girl in A Clash of Kings, Appendix, and one of the women of Winterfell in A Feast for Crows, Appendix.