Is The Evil Dead still banned?

While The Evil Dead was not pornographic in nature, it was considered one of the most violent films of its time, and censors had issues with the film’s content, which impacted some of its commercial potential. The film was and is still banned either theatrically or on video in some countries.

Why was The Evil Dead banned?

The Evil Dead, 1981 The original was released in 1981 with an equally scary 2013 remake, both of which were banned in countries including Finland, Ukraine, and Singapore due to the high-level of violence, blood, sex, and gore.

Is Army of Darkness a sequel to Evil Dead?

Evil Dead
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What’s the movie Evil Dead about?

The Evil Dead1981
Evil Dead II1987Army of Darkness1992Evil Dead2013
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How long is the Evil Dead?

1h 57m
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Which part of Evil Dead is best?

1. Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987) If there is a perfect horror movie, it’s Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn. Both a reboot as well as a sequel, Evil Dead 2 sees Ash in the same cabin in the woods as the original, but the story is all changed up.

Will there be an Evil Dead 4?

The horror will shoot in New Zealand.

Will there be an Army of Darkness 2?

In March 2013, shortly before the release of Evil Dead, a loose continuation of the franchise, Raimi confirmed that the next Evil Dead film will be Army of Darkness 2.

Will there be an army of the dead 2?

It didn’t take long for Army of the Dead 2 to be announced, and the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Netflix zombie heist movie is officially in development at Netflix. The sequel is part of Snyder’s deal with the streaming giant, which will also include a sci-fi adventure flick titled Rebel Moon.

How does the Evil Dead End?

The Evil Dead Originally Ended with Ash’s Death While Ash manages to defeat his possessed friends via bodily dismemberment, the final shot is from the POV of a malevolent demonic force emerging from the woods to launch itself at a screaming Ash one last time.

Is the original Evil Dead good?

Sam Raimi’s feature length debut “The Evil Dead” is truly one of the greatest horror films of all time and the start of a magnificently entertaining trilogy of hilarity and some real scares. Made on a budget of only $375,000, the film is surprisingly accomplished on a technical level.

How many parts are in Evil Dead?