Is Tatkal booking available in 2021?

New Tatkal Ticket Booking Time in 2021. Tatkal Ticket Booking Time. As announced by Indian Railway recently the new Tatkal Ticket Booking Time is 10 am for AC Classes and 11 am for Sleeper classes.

What is the time limit for Tatkal booking?

Tatkal Booking Timings: According to Railways, only two Tatkal tickets can be booked for single user ID in opening Tatkal from 10:00-12:00 hrs. Bookings for Tatkal tickets for AC classes open at 10:00 am and for non-AC classes at 11:00 am, a day in advance of actual date of journey.

What are timings of Tatkal ticket booking Irctc?

The Tatkal tickets can be booked on the opening day from 10:00 AM for AC class, which comprises of 2A, 3A, CC, EC, 3E coaches and at 11:00 AM for Non AC class, which includes SL, FC, 2S coaches.

What is the difference between Tatkal and premium Tatkal?

Premium Tatkal booking timings are same as Tatkal scheme and it is opened by 10.00 AM for AC classes and 11.00 AM for non-AC classes. The dynamic fare stands for the increased fare charged only for the confirmed passengers , and it is twice that the usual tatkal ticket charges.

How much extra is Tatkal ticket?

Tatkal charges are fixed at 10 per cent of the basic fare for second class and 30 per cent for other classes. For reserved second sitting minimum tatkal charge is Rs 10 and maximum is Rs 15. Tatkal ticket charges for sleeper is minimum of Rs 100 and maximum of Rs 200.

Can I book Tatkal ticket at night?

Let’s have a look at new Tatkal rules: 1) One can book only six tickets in a month from a single user ID. 4) Agents will only be allowed to book tickets between 8 AM to 8:30 AM, 10 AM to 10.30 AM, and 11 AM to 11:30 AM, while authorised travel agents cannot book tatkal tickets during the first 30 minutes of opening.

Is tatkal ticket refundable?

For Tatkal Tickets Booked as e-Tickets: No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. For contingent cancellation and waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules. Partial cancellation of Tatkal e-tickets is allowed .

Can I book premium Tatkal on same day?

Premium Tatkal ticket booking can be reserved in advance of one day before the journey date. Users can book only E-ticket , the I-ticket booking is not possible. No concession is applicable to the tickets under this scheme. Child passengers tickets will be charged with full fare.

What is the Tatkal timing for the sleeper class?

Tatkal Booking Timings for AC Class 2019 10 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. Tatkal Booking Timings for Sleeper Class 2019: 11 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

What are Tatkal booking timings?

Tatkal Ticket booking starts at 11 AM on the day before the journey. For AC class, Booking starts at 11 AM. For Sleeper Class it starts from 11:30 AM everyday. Only unsold tickets are designated as Tatkal ticket, not the entire train is defined as Tatkal trains.

What is the timing for Tatkal booking at station?

Booking of Tatkal tickets starts just one day before the train departure of the train . For example, If your train will depart from the station on 15th, then tatkal ticket booking for that train will be done on 14th on the booking timing. You can book tatkal tickets online as well as offline.

Can We cancel Tatkal ticket if train is late?

Partial cancellation of Tatkal tickets is not allowed . You can get a full refund on cancellation of Tatkal ticket when the train is late by more than 3 hours. Also, if the train is diverted from its original route and the passenger does not want to travel on this new route, then the full refund on the Tatkal ticket can be claimed.