Is saffiano leather real leather?

Saffiano is a textured leather, meaning it has a cross-hatch finish achieved by treating the leather with a specialised stamping machine. This full-grain leather is further finished with a wax treatment. As a result, the leather is highly scratch resistant, durable and exceptionally easy to keep clean.

Why is saffiano leather so expensive?

It is also usually the most expensive, because vegetable tanning is so time-intensive. The straps of some bags (Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull, etc) are made using vegetable-tanned leather. It doesn’t discolor to the touch as easily as vegetable-tanned leather.

What brands use saffiano leather?

Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Longchamps are only some of the brands, that use Saffiano Leather.

Is saffiano leather hard or soft?

It is hard wearing, practical and easy to wipe clean. Most of the big name brands and fashion houses use this type of leather. The name Saffiano comes from the cross hatch design that was pressed into the wax that coated the leather. It is renowned for its water resistant qualities.

Why is saffiano leather so popular?

The leather has gained such tremendous popularity because it combines exceptional durability and stain resistance with elegance and class. Only fashion and leather experts, however, are familiar with Saffiano’s close cousin: Palmellato leather.

Which is better Saffiano or pebbled leather?

Saffiano leather is a strong, durable material made from pressed, natural leather with a protective, plastic coating applied. It is generally very durable and looks nice. Natural pebbled leather might have the grain exposed, which would require more care and maintenance, though feel and look great.

Is saffiano leather high quality?

From cheap bonded leather to the softest of full grain calf leathers and everything in between. One of the highest quality types of leather around is genuine Saffiano leather. Saffiano leather is highly durable, scratch-resistant, can repel water and stains and as such is easy to clean.