Is Resident Evil 2nd person?

Depending on how pedantic you would like to be and how far you want to stretch definitions, I think you could make a case that older horror games — the ones with single scenes and fixed camera angles, like Resident Evil and Dino Crisis — qualify as second person perspectives.

Is Mario 64 second person?

Mario 64 are in a way a second person game as you see Mario through the eyes of the cloud that are filming you.

What is 2nd person in video games?

In this type of second-person perspective, the main character (the on being controlled by the player) is seen through the perspective of another character. For instance, the first boss of Battletoads has the player fight the boss through the eyes of the boss.

Is Resident Evil 2 worth?

That being said, IMO it is absolutely worth it and the best game in the franchise. If you run straight through the game it will be shorter than 4-7 were, but it has lots of extras and the campaign length can vary. Always loved RE2, but this remake bring it over the edge and makes it the defacto best game in the series.