Is Mt Cook Alpine Salmon farmed?

We were the first salmon farm in Australasia to receive Best Aquaculture Practice Certification. Monterey Bay Aquarium has recently awarded Mt Cook Alpine Salmon with a ‘best choice’ green rating – acknowledgement of our environmentally responsible practices.

Who owns Mt Cook Alpine Salmon?

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon CEO David Cole said the company was focused on taking more value-added products into its international markets.

Is all NZ salmon farmed?

In the 1980s New Zealand entrepreneurs sought to develop salmon farms in the cool, deep waters of the Marlborough Sounds. King salmon is the only salmon species farmed in New Zealand, whilst the rest of the world farms the more common Atlantic salmon species (Salmo salar).

Can you buy wild salmon in NZ?

There has never been a commercial wild New Zealand salmon fishery nor a retail supply of wild New Zealand salmon. It is actually illegal to buy or sell wild salmon caught in New Zealand so the chances are that the salmon you’ve been buying in New Zealand has always been farmed – unless you’re buying tinned salmon.

How much is salmon in Australia?

Fish (salmon) Monthly Price – Australian Dollar per Kilogram

Month Price Change
Dec 2019 11.12 22.62 %
Jan 2020 12.27 10.34 %
Feb 2020 10.93 -10.95 %
Mar 2020 10.07 -7.90 %

Is Ora King salmon farm raised?

Only a handful of salmon farms in the world produce King Salmons in aquaculture. Specially bred and meticulously raised, Ōra Kings are available a year-round, fulfilling menu demands without the seasonal harvest limitations of their wild-caught brothers.

Is salmon a fish?

Salmon is the common name for several species of fish in the family Salmonidae. Typically, salmon are anadromous: they are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce. However, there are populations of several species that are restricted to fresh water through their life.

Is King Salmon better than salmon?

Most people consider king salmon, also known as Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), the finest of the wild Pacific salmon. King salmon is known for its high content of healthy omega-3 oils and its big taste. It’s milder tasting than a king salmon, which may appeal to some.

Is NZ farmed salmon bad for you?

Farmed salmon has been labelled the most toxic food in British supermarkets after a survey by Government scientists. Their diet of fishmeal and fish oil pellets comes from “trash” fish which environmentalists say is contaminated with cancer-causing dioxins, PCBs and DDT.

Why is King Salmon expensive?

Salmon is expensive because it is relatively difficult to catch compared to other species of fish, and it is in high demand due to its popularity. The most desirable species of salmon can only be caught in limited numbers with fishing rods and reels due to legislation to prevent overfishing.

Is Australian salmon good to eat?

Australian Salmon are under-utilised and not especially well regarded by chefs or consumers. If they are fresh and handled correctly Australian Salmon are moist and very enjoyable. They are also very high in Omega-3 fatty Acids. Australian Salmon have a strong flavour and quite oily flesh.

Why is salmon so expensive?

The Supply Chain Drives the Price of Salmon Up But when it comes to salmon, the costs are most extreme. Wild salmon are very difficult to catch, therefore, catching them is expensive. Even farmed salmon are very expensive to raise and harvest- making them expensive.

Where are King Salmon hatched in New Zealand?

Hatched and raised in the pristine, glacial waters of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon speaks for itself. A unique alpine environment, fast-flowing habitat and the delicate touch of the seasons, create the world’s finest freshwater King Salmon.

What kind of salmon does Mount Cook use?

The salmon The species of salmon farmed by Mount Cook Alpine Salmon is also known as Chinook salmon and descends from American stock found in the Sacramento River, first introduced to New Zealand over a century ago. The species differs from Atlantic salmon in its naturally high fat content.

What kind of habitat do King Salmon live in?

In this unique landscape we operate our hatchery, ensuring great care and responsibilty are there right from the very beginning. This inspiring habitat is home to our Freshwater King Salmon. Born to swim they cover the equivalent of a half marathon everyday revelling in the swift flowing currents. We prefer to feed our fish by hand.

What makes salmon the best salmon to eat?

Fast flows, highly oxygenated water and the distinctive touch for the seasons; are all key ingredients in creating Nature’s Finest Tasting Salmon. We let Nature take the lead.