Is Kefalonia better than Corfu?

We both prefer Kefalonia because is less crowded (we found Corfu crowded in may), the roads are in far better shape (the roads in the northern part of Corfu were in really bad shape), and we found the beaches better (Well, Porto Timoni in Corfu is my favorite one, but in average I liked more in Kefalonia).

How do I get from Kefalonia to Corfu?

You can take a vehicle from Kefalonia to Corfu via Argostoli, Argostoli, Patra, and Patras in around 9h 18m. Alternatively, Olympic Air, Sky Express and two other airlines fly from Kefalonia to Corfu twice daily.

Is Kefalonia the same as Corfu?

Kefalonia is the largest of the seven Ionian Islands with an area of almost 800 square-kilometres. Corfu is the second largest Ionian Islands and includes a small scattering of islands that form the edge of the north-western frontier of Greece.

What is Kefalonia Greece known for?

Kefalonia is not only the biggest Greek island of the Ionian but also one of the most beautiful ones! Worldwide famous for its scenic beaches (as Myrtos, Antisamos, Lourdas, Skala), dramatic landscapes and delicious food, the island attracts and bewitches thousands of visitors.

What is the prettiest Greek island?

From Crete to Santorini, here are the most beautiful islands that Greece has to offer.

  • Santorini. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Chios. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Kefalonia. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Mykonos. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Kos. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Lefkada. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Zakynthos. Natural Feature. Add.
  • Skiathos. Natural Feature. Add.

Which is nicer Crete or Corfu?

It’s honestly so hard to compare Crete and Corfu as both islands have so much to offer. Crete has a gorgeous coastline filled with some of the best beaches. Corfu on the other hand is lush and green with a rockier coast. Personally, I preferred Corfu to Crete.

How much is ferry from Corfu to Kefalonia?

The best way to get from Corfu to Kefalonia without a car is to bus and ferry and car ferry which takes 7h 51m and costs €80 – €110.

Can you island hop from Kefalonia?

Island hopping from Kefalonia Kefalonia is a great destination for island hopping in the Ionian Sea. During the summer months, there are also ferries to Italy connecting the island with Bari and Brindisi if you want to have the ultimate Mediterranean vacation experience.

Which is bigger Kefalonia or Corfu?

Kefalonia, also spelled as Cefalonia, is the largest of the Ionian Islands. It’s magical, enticing, and captivating. There are several reasons why Kefalonia is worth visiting. Corfu is the second largest Ionian Island and is equally enchanting.

Is Corfu tacky?

In fact, most tourists and locals do their best to avoid Kavos on the South side of the island, as this is the town considered to be the party central of the island – described as being tacky, loud and dominated by nightclubs and drunken tourists.

Is Kefalonia expensive?

Overall, Kefalonia is as expensive as you make it. It’s possible to choose budget accommodation, cook your own meals, and stick to activities like hiking or beach strolling that do not require additional costs. If you pick more budget options, you can keep costs down to under $800 per week as a solo traveler.

Is Kefalonia a party island?

In a word, No! There are a few nightclubs on the island usually situated in the capital of Argostoli, or just on the outskirts of some towns and villages. You can find a more lively nightlife vibe in areas such as Argostoli, Skala and Lassi. …