How use IRCTC tatkal autofill?

First of all open the IRCTC reservation form and the fill within the passenger details and then just go for link I am Feeling Lucky button simply click on that button after which Now Drag the Magic Autofill button to the bookmarks toolbar which is your installed within the chrome Magic Autofill for IRCTC Tool extension …

How do you autofill in magic?

o Whenever you fill tatkal ticket details; all you need to do is click on the “magic autofill” button present in the bookmark toolbar bar to fill in all the details instantly before time runs out. Enter details of the adult passengers for whom train ticket will be issued.

How can I autofill in IRCTC?

Click on the myRailinfo IRCTC Autofill icon form top right corner of chrome menu. It will open landing page here you will find all latest information, Click on “IRCTC AutoFill Form”. Verify “Chrome Plugin Installed” button’s border is green, this means Autofill extension is installed and will work.

How can I book tatkal ticket fast in PC?

Tatkal Ticket Fast Booking Tips – How to Book Tatkal Ticket Fast in New IRCTC Website

  1. Internet Speed – Try to get high speed internet at least 2 mbps.
  2. Computer Speed – Make Your Computer Ready for IRCTC Tatkal Booking.
  3. Disabling Antivirus – Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus Software.

What is Irctc full form?

Here is a list of some of the most common abbreviations used by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) or the Indian Railways which a passenger must know.

What is IRCTC full form?

What should I fill in destination address in IRCTC?

The ‘Destination Address’ column will be a new provision in the form that passengers fill while booking the tickets. The addition of the new ‘Destination Address’ column in the IRCTC ticket booking form will remain permanently. Also, it is mandatory for all the passengers booking tickets to fill the column.

Which is faster IRCTC app or website?

Anyone who has booked tickets using the IRCTC app or website will say that the process can be faster, the whole experience smoother and the service more reliable. It is not clear what exactly was bypassed, because the money app users spent on booking the ticket was paid directly to IRCTC.

Is Tatkal booking allowed on IRCTC app?

While the booking for these special trains as initially allowed only on the IRCTC website ( and IRCTC mobile app, the national transporter has now opened reservation counters at railway stations and has also allowed for train ticket booking at post offices.

Who is owner of Tejas train?

Lucknow – New Delhi Tejas Express, which was inaugurated on 4 October 2019, is India’s first train operated by private operators, IRCTC, a subsidiary of Indian Railways. The Ahmedabad – Mumbai Tejas express, also operated by IRCTC was inaugurated on the 17 January, 2020.

Who is owner of IRCTC?

Board of Directors

Serial.Number Name E-mail Id
1 Smt. Rajni Hasija [email protected]
2 Smt. Rajni Hasija [email protected]

Why does IRCTC ask for destination address?

For booking online train tickets, IRCTC wants your destination address as well. NEW DELHI : To keep a tab on movement of all passengers in the wake of the spread of the highly contagious disease coronavirus, the Indian Railways has asked IRCTC to collect information on destination of passengers.

What is Magic autofill tool for IRCTC Tatkal?

What is Magic Autofill tool for Irctc Tatkal? Irctc Tatkal Magic Autofill is an IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking tool or internet service. The pain behind a waiting list and RAC ticket, as we all know. The primary reason behind this is, on the irctc website, the form fill-up time needed.

How does NexGen IRCTC magic autofill form?

Our task is to automate each tatkal ticket form field so that during tatkal reservation schedule, customers do not have to write a single character. The entire irctc form reservation process is streamlined and based on the single bookmarks bar button.

Is there a way to auto fill on IRCTC?

It could be very usefull during tatkal booking and may save time and velocity up the process. Find a auto fill form in addition to you can also discover an possibility to put in plugin for respective browsers. IRCTC goes to present the Auto Fill choice to their web site itself within the subsequent launch.

When to fill in the Tatkal autofill form?

The solution for streamlining this complicated process is being developed. By particularly placed button to make the tatkal ticket booking process easier. As tatkal ticket booking hours begin at 10 am (for AC class) and 11 pm (for sleeper class), before that, you can fill in the full form on our side.