How to Make Free Voice calls from PC/laptop to Mobile


How to Make Free Voice calls from PC/laptop to Mobile: Hello friends , needhere I am your post writer  Gova premium in this post I give some of the tips for free voice calls.  I think that everyneeds this trick why because we are paying some hundreds  of rupee for our phone bill . If you use this methods we can make a call to all over the world  we all need this  is good internet connection .

we all suffered from low balance when we are in urgent  and in sometimes we have  money in our hands but we need not have any recharge shops if u have to know the some of the use tricks we may have good connection between us  without any phone bill we all need is good connection so I suggest all of you to know the tricks all pass to others  so please be patience .

Don’t think that it is fake, don’t worry i will there for you, it’s your time to follow the tracks from all the internet I got many free call websites. I used many of these, and  I got an idea that which works efficient and is guess some of the free calling websites below and make a look at the sites you will get an idea about the free calling we can call from our source to the mobile (Or)land line.


here I provide some of the apps where we can make an internet call to other mobile with free , in the before i think that it’s doesn’t work later I got an information in the internet sources that it is possible and I referred many websites  later I got this 6 best apps which make you convenient , shocked  right and you have to remember that free calling can be done to other countries any mobile or any land line all over the who shocked right

You all that we can make calls all over the India with out  any cost ow you can save money by using this trick, we all need is an internet connection for our mobile. and if you are using  any PC it works on all the os, by this, we can make calls to our family relatives and it is free and we have many apps for free calling now a days .and the apps is also  absolutely free if cost and we don’t have any premium versions of these apps.

In this post i give  some of the apps which you feel better to use it it doesn’t cost any thing  only internet bill here I shoe the sites as well as some of free calling apps and you can enjoy this app  and you may call to anyone if u know their number with free of cost .for all the apps we have both advantages and dis advantages some requirements is must to make the internet calls and the requirements as follows below


Requirements need to Make Free Voice Calls From Pc to Mobile(or) land line are as follows:

  • Good Internet Broadband Connection. if is not speed we get irritated
  • We have many software of free cdalli9ng you need one in them you should already installed the software
  • The PC should be in good connection
  • Working Microphone and Headphone if not it should have a good speakers connection



I call is free calling application and we already listen about this application, and this is easy of access and beginners also can use this application easily with out any difficulty why bis it doesn’t need any software analysis to use the application and everyone call this as smart telephony ,this application is user friendly so we can make use of this application very easily and by this application we can call to all our family and relatives via voice calling and we have some of the video calling applications and this is not in all I give some information for video calling for video calling we need is IM accounts .

Main features

Easy to use.with out any difficulty

No internet connection needed.

Voice quality is good.

No dis-connection problem.

International calls are available at very easily  .

Your can record your conversation automatically calls , you can download it my site

2- PC-Telephone

This PC telephone also another type of application in which the PC is converted into an internet telephone like a fax machine , answer phone , voice mail and many more uses by this PC telephone an it is very first application in the computer  telephony and internet telephony and we can use internet telephony in a single interface with out any errors. Hence it can be easily available and the use of it is more everyone make use of this application and may decrease your phone bill.and this shows maximum performance and it improves the features of the application and may increase the users to view and download the application. Also red more about the how does letgo make money


3-Google Voice

Here google voice is nothing but it is a web –based communication that makes you convenient in all the aspects and in this we can make calling from desktop to the mobiles and it can be used by all email users and it is free for all the users and you can make calls to other pcs by this google voice and also video calling also there in google voice and many more applications are there from this google voice.

Make a call using your Google voice in google chat list?

We already know that in after login into the email at the right we have a window that chat. Where our friends are available in the chat and if it shows that  green, yellow, red and you can search in hangouts and you can find the details like photo, phone number on the side below and you can contact him, in both chat list and in hangouts

If your voice calls in Google Chat don’t work after an upgrade to Chrome 42, you need to use Hangouts to avoid this problem.and if you don’t have any errors you  may visit email and make calls to ur friends.and in the third way we can make free calls by using the Gmail chat list.

4. FreeCall:

Free call works efficiently than others for this we have to pay amount for getting calls and we can make calls all over the world easily for this we have to visit the website and sign up for the free call and make use of din this special feature is we can make messages to all the members.

5. InternetCalls:


Generally, internet calls are cheap and it is a free for all the users and in this, a latest technology Internet Calls is a free program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high and best quality voice communications to people all over the world, and makes easy of communication

If  you use these  free InternetCalls software, you can call regular phones in various places  for free .