How painful is Latarjet procedure?

A nerve block may be used during the surgery. This means that immediately after the operation the shoulder and arm often feel completely numb. This may last for a few hours. After this the shoulder may well be sore and you will be given painkillers to help this whilst in hospital.

How long does pain last after Latarjet procedure?

➢ Pain medication is injected into the wound and joint during surgery – this will wear off within 8-12 hours.

How does Latarjet procedure work?

The Latarjet procedure involves the removal and transfer of a section of the coracoid process and its attached muscles to the front of the glenoid. This placement of the coracoid acts as a bone block which, combined with the transferred muscles acting as a strut, prevents further dislocation of the joint.

Is Shoulder surgery serious?

As with all surgeries, shoulder surgery involves risks and possible complications. Complications may become serious and life threatening in some cases. Complications can develop during surgery or recovery.

What is the average recovery time for shoulder surgery?

Most people need 6 weeks or longer to recover. How much time you need depends on the surgery that was done. You may have to limit your activity until your shoulder strength and range of motion are back to normal. You may also be in a rehabilitation program (rehab).

How long does Latarjet surgery take?

An open Latarjet procedure normally takes approximately 90 minutes, depending on injury severity and any other associated shoulder injuries. During the procedure, Dr. Provencher will create an incision at the front of the shoulder.

How common is Latarjet procedure?

The Latarjet procedure is a well-established and time-tested procedure for the management of glenohumeral instability with an overall complication rate between 15 and 30 %. It has a low rate of recurrent instability <5 % with excellent functional outcomes.

How long does Latarjet take to heal?

Full recovery from Latarjet shoulder stabilisation surgery can take up to 3-6 months. Avoid forced gripping or heavy lifting for 2-3 weeks. In terms of returning to work it will depend on your work environment. Returning to heavy manual labour should be prevented for approximately 8 weeks.

How much does a Latarjet procedure cost?

The average cost of surgery of the arthro- scopic Bankart was $20,385. The average cost of surgery of the open Latarjet was $21,389. The Markov Monte-Carlo model was simulated 100,000 times for each primary treatment option of the Markov decision chain (arthroscopic Bankart and open Latarjet).

How is the Latarjet procedure used to treat shoulder instability?

The Latarjet procedure involves a bone graft and muscle/tendon transfer, where a Bankart repair reattaches a torn labrum and tightens the torn or stretched tendons of the shoulder. Each procedure can be highly beneficial, depending on the type of shoulder instability and the cause.

Where is the incision made for Latarjet surgery?

The Latarjet procedure is performed with a small incision in the front of the shoulder. The type of surgery depends on the amount of bone loss and shoulder damage. The procedure involves the following: An incision is made in the front of the shoulder.

What should I do after my Latarjet surgery?

Patients can expect the following rehabilitation protocols after Latarjet surgery: 1 Verma will prescribe pain medication to be taken during the healing process. 2 Ice should be applied to the incision site to alleviate swelling and to help with pain. 3 Keep the arm immobile – using a sling or similar device.