How old is Jing Wu?

47 years (April 3, 1974)
Wu Jing/Age

Is Wu Jing a real martial artist?

Wu Jing—also referred to as Jacky or Jing Wu—was born into a Manchurian martial arts family and started training at the Beijing Sports Institute at Shichaihai at just six years old. Like Jet Li before him, he trained under legendary Kung Fu master Wu Bing and competed with the Beijng Wushu Team.

What happened to Wu Jing?

According to the infographic, Wu Jing has suffered numerous sprains and broken bones, and has received more than 100 stitches over his body. One of his most serious injuries happened when his knee was sliced open by an axe during the filming of 2001 drama Golden Silk Rain.

Does Wu Jing speak Cantonese?

Though regularly explicitly cast as a mainlander, or as the centerpiece of a large ensemble cast, in order to hide his lack of Cantonese proficiency, Wu’s screen presence and fight choreography – often planning those scenes himself or in conjunction with the director – earned him recognition from martial arts movie …

Can Wu Jing speak English?

In honor of this huge announcement for my very first trip to SHANGHAI for our RAMPAGE world tour – my good bud and Chinese movie icon, Wu Jing graciously teaches… More. He speaks very little English and I clearly speak perfect Mandarin, but somehow we have some damn good chemistry and had a blast hanging out.

Who is the most handsome man in China?

The Top 10 Male Chinese Actors That You Should Know

  1. XIAO Zhan (actor)
  2. WANG Yibo (actor/ singer/ dancer)
  3. ZHU Yilong (actor)
  4. REN Jialun (actor)
  5. DENG Lun (actor)
  6. LI Xian (actor)
  7. LI Yifeng (actor/ singer)
  8. ZHANG Xincheng (actor/ model)

Who is the richest celebrity in Asia?


Rank Name Age
1 Mukesh Ambani 63
2 Gautam Adani 66
3 Zhong Shanshan 58
4 Ma Huateng 49

How much is Donnie Yen worth?

One of the most popular film stars in Asia of the early 2000s, Yen is consistently one of the highest-paid actors in Asia. Yen earned HK$220 million (US$28.4 million) from four films and six advertisements in 2013….

Donnie Yen
Family Chris Yen (sister)
Awards Full list
Weight 165 lb (75 kg; 11 st 11 lb)