How much pork do you mix with venison for snack sticks?

I make my snack sticks in 5 pound batches with 2 pounds ground pork and 3 pounds venison. Thats the best ratio Ive found, at least for me.

Are deer snack sticks healthy?

Nutritional value: Venison is typically very lean and packed with protein. It also contains high levels of iron and potassium. Venison snack sticks: Our venison snack sticks are the perfect way to get your protein in when you’re on-the-go.

How much fat do you put in venison snack sticks?

This makes your product safer and also helps to preserve the smoked flavor after packaging. # 3 Your meat Block is too Lean! if you are making homemade snack sticks you want a fat percentage of 20% or more.

How long do you smoke venison snack sticks?

Smoke for about 30 minutes or until snacks sticks reach at least 165° internal temperature with a digital thermometer.

Can I use jerky seasoning for snack sticks?

@retired-railroader Yes, you can absolutely use Jerky Seasoning to make Snack Sticks and vice versa, many people do this! If you use a seasoning that is made for snack sticks, summer sausage or brats it might give a slightly stronger taste in jerky so if you want to back it off a little that’s fine.

Is ground deer meat healthy?

Venison is richer in protein than any other red meat. And being non-farmed, venison isn’t full of antibiotics or steroids like some of the beef you buy today. Add to its list of health benefits—venison is low in fat and cholesterol. It’s also high in nutrients like B vitamins, iron and phosphorus.

How many calories are in a venison Snack Stick?

Little Town Jerky Company

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 1 oz (28g)
How many calories are in Venison Snack Stick? Amount of calories in Venison Snack Stick: Calories 80 Calories from Fat 54 (67.5%)
% Daily Value *
How much fat is in Venison Snack Stick? Amount of fat in Venison Snack Stick: Total Fat 6g

What is the best casing for snack sticks?

16mm Smoke Colored Collagen Casings Great for making smaller diameter snack sticks and other small diameter meat snacks. Edible casings that are consistent and uniform in size. A 3/8in or smaller straight stuffing tube is needed to stuff with this casing size.

Do you have to use casings to make snack sticks?

They can be used for fresh sausage, smoked sausage, snack sticks, hot dogs, brats and more. Your natural casings will come either packed in salt or a saline solution….Sheep.

20-22 mm Breakfast Sausage • Small Snack Sticks
22-24 mm Breakfast Sausage • Snack Sticks
24-26 mm Small Hot Dog • Wiener

What temperature do you cook venison snack sticks to?

Cook until the internal temperature of the center of the Snackin’ Sticks reach 165 degrees. Use a meat thermometer to check to be safe. It should take around 2 hours to cook.

What’s the best way to cook venison snack sticks?

Cooking the sticks can be accomplished in the oven, on a smoker, or in a temperature-controlled dehydrator that can be set to at least 160 degrees. I start out low, around 145 to 150 degrees for an hour, then turn the temperature up to 170 degrees and continue to cook until the snack sticks reach an internal temperature of 150 degrees.

How do you Dry a venison pepper stick?

To dry your snacks & casings place them in your smoker at a temperature of 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, do not add wood chips yet. Now let them dry for 90 minutes, next turn your smoker up to 225 degrees, add your wood chips and smoke and cook until the center of your sticks reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does it take to make venison sausage?

The truth is that while making venison summer sausage or snack sticks can be time consuming, most of that time is waiting for the meat to cure and then smoke in the smoker or oven. The actual “making” of the snacks, starting from a bowl of cubed meat to the logs or sticks, is less than two hours (including clean-up).

Where can I buy meat based snack sticks?

Meat-based snack sticks are available at the store, but they can be a bit pricey. Here is a way to stretch out your deer or elk and make your own snack sticks for a lot less money. It is easiest if you make 10 or 20 pounds at a time.