How much flow does a Gfo need?

The general rule of thumb for GFO is to start with 1 tbs per 8 gallons of water for the first 4-8 weeks if you have never run it in the tank before. 16 tbs = 1 cup. After the initial 4-8 weeks, you can bump up to double the dose. 2 tbs per 8 gallons.

How do you use rowa carbon?

For sea-water use ROWA CARBON for only 1 or 2 days. The procedure can be repeated every four weeks. For use following treatment with medication: Apply approx. 400 ml of ROWA CARBON to 500 liters of aquarium water for both salt-water and freshwater for no longer than 5 to 7 days.

Can you mix carbon and RowaPhos?

It is possible to use Rowaphos and carbon in the same reactor as chemically they will not have an impact on each other. ROWAphos will generally require a slower throughput of water compared to carbon.

Do you run GFO 24 7?

Yes we recommend with the Triton method running Activated Carbon and PO4 remover 24/7.

Can I use Gfo without a reactor?

How to use GFO without a reactor?? GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!! Just rinse it out in a media bag and throw it in a high flow area in your sump like you you mentioned doing. It won’t work as effectivly as putting it into a reactor but will get the job done.

Will water changes lower phosphates?

Water changes do not drop phosphate as much as one expects because there’s a large reservoir attached to the rock and sand. That comas back off when you try to drop the levels. For that reason, water changes are not a good way to reduce phosphate.

Is carbon bad for saltwater tank?

Activated carbon can also remove the trace elements and minerals that are important to your fish, invertebrates, and corals. A recent study has found that the heavy use of activated carbon in marine aquariums can cause Head & Lateral Line Erosion disease (most often seen on fish in the Surgeonfish Family).

How long does it take for carbon to clear water?

Turn the pump on to rinse the carbon until the water runs clear which normally takes less than 30 seconds with almost any type of carbon. If you are using soft lignite carbon, you might run it a bit longer just to make sure it is clean.

Can you mix media in a reactor?

You can, but ideally you want the gfo to tumble, and the gac to stay stationary. Also, the carbon has to be replaced more frequently than the gfo, so if they mix, you’ll either be wasting gfo during a change, or letting the carbon sit too long in which case it will start to leach.

Can you use too much Gfo?

Active Member. Yes absolutely! You should monitor your po4 levels and use enough to keep your po4 in check but not much more. If too much is used it can be too aggressive at nutrient removal and cause necrosis – ususally on SPS.

Should I run Gfo all the time?

R2R Supporter I try to avoid GFO, to increase overall stability. Every time you notice high phosphates and replace your used up GFO with fresh media, you will spike down the nutrient level- instability. If you dont need it, I wouldn’t suggest using it consistently.

Will Gfo lower phosphates?

GFO, which stands for Granular Ferric Oxide, is a red brown powder that is compacted into granules. The purpose of granular ferric oxide is to inhibit algae growth by removing phosphates from the aquarium. Maintaining low phosphate levels will help prevent algae outbreaks and control growth.

How does carbon media affect saltwater reef tanks?

Carbon Media Effects on Reef Tanks – A Brief Overview. Common Carbon Media Myths Debunked. Carbon Media for Reef Tanks – Your Best Option for Healthy, Clear Water. At the heart of your saltwater reef tank, carbon media is responsible for keeping your beloved underwater universe sparkling clean.

What should return water level be in rowaphos tank?

In a canister or fluidised filter, when used at the correct levels, the return water back to the tank should always read zero or at least be less than the background level within the aquarium, (assuming that that is not also zero).

What makes rowaphos different from other iron based media?

RowaPhos is manufactured using a Patented process which makes it physically and chemically completely different to the vast array of other iron based media which have sprung up to ride on the sucess of the Rowa product.