How much does an Ines di Santo dress cost?

Ines Di Santo: Price and size Considered to be one of the most loved and celebrated bridal designers in the world, Ines Di Santo wedding gowns are priced anywhere between $3500 and $9000 standing as a perfect fit for budget savvy and conscious brides.

Who is Ines Di Santo?

INES DI SANTO is an internationally renowned bridal gown and eveningwear designer. She has served as a leader on the world wedding stage for more than three decades. An unapologetic romantic, Ines has built her namesake brand by infusing every wedding gown with the essence of her passion for beauty, love, and desire.

Where are Ines Di Santo dresses made?

Despite leading an ever-expanding, international business, Ines personally overseas the production of every gown, ensuring the highest standard of quality. Gowns are manufactured in Canada, at her atelier in Toronto. Ines Di Santo launched in 1984 in Toronto, Canada, when her daughter Veronica was only nine years old.

What kind of wedding dress does Ines Di Santo make?

These wedding gowns are unforgettable souvenirs from the places you’ve never been. Ines Di Santo believes each of her designs should be as unique and captivating as the islands of Greece. Ines by Ines Di Santo spring wedding dresses boast original design, stunning structure, and a sparkling sense of enchantment. A magical accessory collection…

Where can I find Ines Di Santo magazine?

Browse our wedding magazine online to find Ines Di Santo news, editorial content, special behind-the-scenes information, real wedding photos, and more. Whether you’re planning your own ceremony or simply enjoying others’ happily ever afters, Ines the Magazine has something for you.

What does Ines Di Santo do for a living?

Ines Di Santo doesn’t just design exquisite bridal dresses – she plays a role in the industry-at-large. Keep up with global trends and changes, as well as some of the most beautiful gowns on the market. And pair your reading session with a glass of bubbly and a notepad for all of your wedding ideas.