How much does a forestry mulcher attachment cost?

How much do forestry mulchers cost? Disc mulcher skid steer attachments are less expensive. Most high flow disc mulchers fall into a $22,000-29,000 price range and have a 60″ cut width, while most high flow drum mulchers fall into a $33,000-$43,000 price range and have a 50″-75″ cut width.

Is forestry mulching worth it?

“Forestry mulching is a very cost effective way to clear overgrown brush and prevent invasive species in wooded areas,” Jenkins says, noting it’s a replacement for other land-clearing methods, such as bulldozing and burning. It also eliminates the expense of transporting and disposing of debris.

Who makes the best forestry mulcher?

The DAF-180D is by far the most popular and best-selling of Denis Cimaf’s front-mounted Forestry Mulchers. The 180D features a larger cutting width when compared to the 150D at 74″. Machine power of 85 HP and minimum hydraulic flow of 30 GPM are required to operate the DAF-180D to full capabilities.

How much does a fecon mulcher weight?


WEIGHT (LBS) 2450 2790
FLOW RANGE (GPM) 30 – 45 30 – 45
MAX PRESSURE (PSI) 6000 6000

How do you price a forestry mulching job?

Forestry mulching prices are quite affordable compared to those of other methods of land clearing. You can expect forestry mulching cost per acre to be somewhere between $150 and $250 per hour, or roughly $1500 per day.

How big of a tree can a forestry mulcher handle?

Mulchers with a mulching head that rotates about a vertical axis can typically handle trees up to 6-8 inches in diameter, while mulchers with a mulching head that rotates about a horizontal axis can handle trees up to 30 inches in diameter.

What does a forestry mulcher do?

Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetation. A forestry mulching machine, also referred to as a forestry mulcher, forest masticator, or brushcutter, uses a rotary drum equipped with steel chipper tools (“teeth”) or blades to shred vegetation.

What size skid steer do you need for a forestry mulcher?

“The unit requires a skid steer with at least a 90-hp rating, and high-flow hydraulics with a flow rate of 37 gpm and a pressure rating of 3,500 psi,” says Carera.