How many Nielsen markets are there?

There are 210 DMA regions, covering the entire continental U.S., Hawaii, and parts of Alaska. The DMA boundaries and DMA data are owned solely and exclusively by Nielsen.

What are Nielsen DMA regions?

A designated market area (DMA) is a geographic region where Nielsen, the ratings company, analyzes and quantifies how television is viewed. DMAs describe particular locations or regions where people get the same television and radio options. Nielsen uses designated market areas when compiling their ratings.

What is your DMA?

A designated market area (DMA), also referred to as a media market, is a region of the United States that is used to define television and radio markets. There are 210 DMAs covering the whole United States and are usually defined based on metropolitan areas, with suburbs often being combined within.

What are Nielsen DMA rankings?

A DMA is a “Designated Market Area” — each DMA is a geographical area where Nielsen measures media consumption, ranked by local television homes….What are the Nielsen DMA rankings?

  • A county within the DMA.
  • A group of block areas within that county.
  • Homes within the block/geographical area.

What is DMA targeting?

DMA is the most common, and often preferred means of Geo targeting an ad campaign. In the realm of digital advertising, Google DoubleClick, arguably the largest ad serving platform, allows users to Geo target ads via Country, Region, City, Zip Code or “US Metro Areas”, which is in fact DMA targeting.

Is there a map of the Nielsen Media Markets?

This is the map of Nielen Designated Marketing Areas using D3.js. Hover over for data related to each area. Some areas are shaped really strangely (such as a slice of Nevada being part of the Denver media market) but that is really how they are divided

Where can I find list of TV markets?

Markets are Designated Market Areas (DMAs), as listed at TV Radio World. Note that Edmundston / Woodstock, NB is part of the Presque Isle, ME DMA . Map of Canadian DMAs. This film, television or video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions. Markets are listed from north to south.

How are Nielsen DMA ratings based on population?

Nielsen’s DMA rankings are based on the population of each surveyed market region. Sometimes, listenership may overlap in selected areas. For instance, some people in Milwaukee may be able to pick up the same radio stations as residents of Chicago.

Who are the members of the Nielsen panel?

The Nielsen panel members and “families” represent a cross-section of each market’s demographics, including ages, races, ethnicities, and behaviors. Nielsen’s selection process includes: Nielsen’s equipment detects audio codes to record the content that reaches each TV and device in the home.