How many members are there in WEi?

WEi (위아이) is South Korean boy group under OUI Entertainment. The lineup consists of six members: Daehyeon, Donghan, Yongha, Yohan, Seokhwa, and Junseo.

Who are the K Pop members?


  • Joomin (주민) (born March 1, 1981) leader/main rapper.
  • Donghwa (동화) (born August 25, 1981) rapper.
  • Youngwon (영원) (born September 5, 1982) lead vocalist.
  • Yoobin (유빈) (born January 5, 1983) rapper.
  • Woohyun (우현) (born February 2, 1983) singer.

What is K profile?

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Who is WEi leader?

Jang Dae Hyeon

Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Jang Dae Hyeon (장대현) Leader 2020–present
Kim Dong Han (김동한) N/A 2020–present
Yoo Yong Ha (유용하) N/A 2020–present
Kim Yo Han (김요한) N/A 2020–present

Does WEi have a lightstick?

WEi (위아이) is a 6-member Kpop boy group under OUI Entertainment….2. WEi Profile and Official Account.

Group Name WEi (위아이)
Debut Song “Twilight” From 1st Mini Album “IDENTITY: First Sight”
WEi Fandom Name
WEi Official Lightstick

What is WEi fans called?

Rookie boy group WEi has announced their official name for fans! After accepting submissions of ideas for their fan club name, WEi revealed on November 9 that their fandom will now be known as RUi.

Who is the youngest KPop Idol?

Ni-ki, the member of band ENHYPHEN, stylized as ‘EN-‘ is another K-Pop idol who debuted at the age of 15. He was born on December 9, 2005 and their band debuted on November 2020. The band was formed through the survival competition I-LAND and consists of seven members.

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What are WEi fans called?