How many episodes of Kim Possible are there?

List of Kim Possible episodes. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The following is a list of episodes for the Disney Channel series Kim Possible, which aired from June 7, 2002 to September 7, 2007, with four seasons, 87 episodes and three TV movies produced.

When did the Kimmunicator appear in Season 4?

Season 4 (2007) Kim dons her enhanced battle-suit in three episodes. Kim eventually dons a brand-new mission outfit. The Kimmunicator is now a wristwatch. This is the first and last time that extraterrestrial beings appear. Wade finally appears, in person, as a supporting character.

When does the Cupid Effect take place Kim Possible?

This indicates that “The Cupid Effect”, set the following February, takes place after that episode. Kim states that it is spring in “Odds Man In”, so it can’t take place before “The Cupid Effect”. An episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series entitled “Rufus: Experiment #607” was a cross-over episode between Kim Possible and that series.

Who is the creator of Sadie in Kim Possible?

After flunking driver’s education, Kim is visited by an artificially intelligent vehicle called Sadie whose creator Dr. Freeman has been kidnapped by Drakken to improve his army of robots. Rufus poses as a Peruvian hairless show-dog so that Kim can investigate the mansion of a master jewel thief.

What happens to Ron and Kim in Kim Possible?

Love (and panic) are in the air when a mood-altering microchip make Kim see Ron in a whole new way. Error: please try again. Dr. Drakken, Shego, Ron and Kim must work together to save the world. Error: please try again.

When does A Sitch in time take place in Kim Possible?

By the Christmas episode however, Nana and Ron have met, so by necessity “Job Unfair” and “Golden Year” happened in the previous school year than most of Season 2. “A Sitch in Time” is described to take place in the beginning of the new school year, but after Ron and Kim have selected their classes (which is done in “Two to Tutor”).

Like many networks, Disney Channel broadcast the Kim Possible episodes in an order that did not match the order in which the episodes were produced, nor the chronological order revealed by the events of each episode. The table below allows for the information to be sorted as needed. It defaults to the broadcast order.

Is the Lilo and Stitch episode in the Kim Possible timeline?

The Chronology Order has been adjusted and does not include the Lilo & Stitch episode. The production order, as owed to some fans’ discovery of inconsistencies, is not the chronological/sequential order demanded by the Kim Possible timeline.