How many calories are in a Haribo Happy Cola?

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Caramel Syrup, Corn Starch, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Beeswax Coating….Servings Per Container: 5.5.

Nutrient Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 130
Calories from Fat
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%

Do Haribos have lots of calories?

Haribo Starmix Verdict: Ah, the old classic that kids and adults alike can’t resist. We’d suggest sharing these particular treats too, as their sugar and calories are incredibly high. Plus the glucose in these gummy sweets will be stored in your body and, eventually, turn into fat.

How many calories does Haribo Roulettes have?

The world’s first gummi-entertainment network.

Serving Size: 1 roll (25g)
Calories 90
Fat 0g
Total Carbohydrates 20g
Sugars 10g

How many calories are in 100g of Haribos?

Table of Nutritional Information

per 100 g RI* per portion (25 g)
Energy: 1 472 kJ/ 346 kcal 4 %
Fat: <0.5 g <1 %
of which saturates: 0.1 g <1 %
Carbohydrate: 80 g 8 %

How many calories are in a gummy cola?

Enjoy the yummy Haribo Happy Cola Gummi candy anytime, anywhere….Technical specs.

Best Use Backpacking
Servings per Container 3.5
Calories Per Serving 130
Calories from Fat 0
Total Fat 0 grams

How many calories are in a bottle of fizzy cola?

Cola bottles: 24 calories, 0g fat It’s kinda worth noting that they’re slightly more virtuous without the addition of fizzy sugar…

What is the healthiest sweet?

The 6 Healthiest Candy Options

  • UnReal Milk Chocolate Gems. “I’m really impressed with these,” says Gorin.
  • Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bites. These chocolates are low on the sugar scale, and two squares contain 3 grams (g) of fiber, too.
  • Peanut M&M’s.
  • Snickers.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
  • Blow Pop.

What chocolate has the lowest calories?

Check out 12 of the lowest calorie chocolate bars:

  • Nestlé Kit Kat. Calories in two fingers of Kit Kat (21g): 106kcal.
  • Cadbury Fudge. Calories in a Fudge bar (25.5g): 98kcal.
  • Mars’ Milky Way. Calories in a 21.5g bar Milky Way: 97kcal.
  • Mars’ Bounty.
  • Nestlé Aero.
  • Malteasers.
  • OR a Maltesers Bunny/Reindeer.
  • Cadbury Buttons.

What flavor are Haribo gummy bears?

The response from Haribo’s vice president of marketing read, “I can’t speak for all gummy bears products but I can definitely tell you that the HARIBO Gold-Bears gummy bear products in the US contain five distinct flavors: Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, and Raspberry.”

How many Haribo products are there?

1,000 products
HARIBO makes over 1,000 products worldwide.

How many calories are in a Haribo starmix sweet?

34 calories
Vieve found the ‘healthiest’ trick or treat sweet was Haribo Starmix. A fun-size pack contained just 34 calories. But M&M’s were found to contain the most protein (2g).