How long is the hyner challenge?

April 24, 2021 50 KM results.

What is the hyner challenge?

From the Hyner Website – “The course is set up to challenge each individual both mentally and physically. There are three major climbs and three major descents over a course filled with vistas, stream crossings, and single track paths. The HVTC is part of Trailrunner Magazine’s Trophy Series.

Where is Hynerview?

Hyner View State Park is surrounded by Sproul State Forest….

Hyner View State Park
Location Chapman, Clinton, Pennsylvania, United States
Coordinates 41°19′36″N 77°37′27″WCoordinates: 41°19′36″N 77°37′27″W
Area 6 acres (2.4 ha)
Elevation 1,940 ft (590 m)

What does hyner mean?

Hynerpeton (/haɪˈnɜːrpətɒn/ lit. ‘creeping animal from Hyner’) is an extinct genus of early four-limbed vertebrate that lived in the rivers and ponds of Pennsylvania during the Late Devonian period, around 365 to 363 million years ago.

Is Hyner View open?

The park is open every day of the year, sunrise to sunset. Day use areas close at dusk. Contact the Hyner Run State Park office for facility seasons and hours.

What period did the first amphibian hynerpeton walk on land?

Late Devonian period
Hynerpeton (“creeping animal (herpeton) from Hyner”) was a basal carnivorous tetrapod that lived in the lakes and estuaries of the Late Devonian period around 360 million years ago. Like many primitive tetrapods, it is sometimes referred to as an “amphibian”, though it is not a true member of the class Amphibia.

What is unusual hynerpeton?

Hynerpeton is known for being the first Devonian four-limbed vertebrate discovered in the United States, as well as possibly being one of the first to have lost internal (fish-like) gills. Hynerpeton was one of several genera of four-limbed vertebrates known from the site, although it was the first to be discovered.

What township is Lock Haven PA in?

Clinton County
Lock Haven/Counties

What was the first true tetrapod?

The oldest near-complete tetrapod fossils, Acanthostega and Ichthyostega, date from the second half of the Fammennian. Although both were essentially four-footed fish, Ichthyostega is the earliest known tetrapod that may have had the ability to pull itself onto land and drag itself forward with its forelimbs.

Do any modern tetrapods have gills?

Modern tetrapods, on the other hand, bear evidence indicating that we once had gills but that these were lost in the course of our early evolution. The ray-finned fishes retained gills, and some of them (e.g., the bichirs, BYK-heerz) also retained lungs for the long haul.

Why did Hynerpeton need to stay near the water?

Hynerpeton was an animal suited to the water rather than land. In the water, it was an able, fast swimmer. On land, however, it was cumbersome, slow, and needed to reside close to the water as its lungs were not as good as inhaling oxygen. Therefore, they had to be laid in water.

Is the Hyner 50K race open to the public?

The 25K is open to the first 1,000 runners and the 50K is open to the first 400 runners. Please read the Registration Rules and Description before signing up. “ Hyner is one of my favorite race weekends of the year!

Are there any races in the Hyner challenge?

Hey everyone, if you missed getting into the Hyner Challenge this year, check out some of our other great events. The PA Trail Dogs also organize the Sproul 10K at Hyner, the Hyner Half at Hyner, the Boulder Beast in Lock Haven, and the Wilds 25/50K at Little Pine State Park.

How big is the Hyner View Trail course?

There are three major climbs and three major descents covering 4,000 feet of vertical over the 25K course, and it’s filled with vistas, stream crossings, and single track paths. Zach Miller, one of the top runners in the world, declared the Hyner 25k “one of the ‘funnest’ courses in the world” after setting a new course record in 2018.

What happens at Mile 9 of Hyner Trail Challenge?

During the race, runners not getting to the 25/50K intersection by 10:30am (mile 9) will automatically be directed onto the 25K course to finish. Missed getting into Hyner?