How long is a Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk?

The legendary 1650 Fish Hawk SE offers anglers the same trusted, proven performance that earned the Fish Hawk its status as a legend. This 16-foot aluminum boat comes with the low-maintenance, all-welded strength that Crestliner is known for.

How much does a Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk weigh?

1,060 lbs

Base price $15,895 (USD)
Height on trailer N/A
Draft N/A
Dry weight 481 kg (1,060 lbs)

Is Crestliner a good boat?

Conclusion: Crestliner boats have a long history and a good reputation, but there have been issues over the years. Most Crestliner owners are happy with their purchase and would recommend the boats. Some boaters are fiercely loyal to the Crestliner brand, while some vow to never buy one.

Are Lund and Crestliner the same?

Lund and Crestliner are owned by Brunswick Corporation, the largest marine manufacturer in the world. For additional information about our boats and our brands visit and Since 1948, Lund has been building boats from the heart of lakes country in New York Mills, Minn.

Do Crestliner boats hold their value?

Lunds definitely hold their value. Back in 2005 I bought a ’83 16′ Lund Pro Angler with a 50hp Merc for $2400. 2 years ago I replaced the floor and put new carpet. Then last spring I sold it so we could by a new larger boat.

Which is better Lund or Crestliner?

Both brands are nice and good options in aluminum boats. Our Lund aged better with our use than the Crestliner over the 8 seasons we owned it. It’s also my opinion that Lunds hull designs are better handling in big water/rough water.

What is better Crestliner or Lund?

Does Lund own Crestliner?

Do Crestliner boats have wood floors?

To ensure durability, Crestliner employs wood-free composite transom on most boats.

Why are Lund boats riveted?

Lund Boats are Riveted Aluminum boats are either riveted together, or they are welded together. Riveting is easier and cheaper than welding, and it helps boat manufacturers create boats quicker and cheaper. The leaking isn’t severe, but the bottom of the boat definitely has water in it when I’m done.

Are Lund boats good quality?

They have a great ride compared to many others out there. They also hold their value well. I don’t think you can go wrong if you find one in good shape at a fair price. I also owned a tracker which was a good package value as a new boat but I wouldn’t buy a used one.

Is a Lund boat worth the money?

The resale value of a Lund boat is generally higher than the resale value of other boats in the same category. However, one should note that Lund boats start out at a higher price, so the rate of depreciation may be just as high with a Lund as it is with many other boats.