How long does a Section 609 certification last?

Their certification is good for life. However, in 2015, the 609 Certification program was updated to include training for working with R-1234yf. If a technician plans to service R-1234yf vehicles, it’s strongly recommended they re-certify.

How do I get r134 certified?

How Can I Get Certified for R-134a?

  1. A licensed 609 certification trainer comes to your place of employment, puts on a class, and then hands out testing to each attendant.
  2. The other option is to go directly through MACS Worldwide.

How do I become a certified EPA technician?

Technicians are required to pass an EPA-approved test to earn Section 608 Technician Certification. The tests are specific to the type of equipment the technician seeks to work on. Tests must be administered by an EPA-approved certifying organization. Section 608 Technician Certification credentials do not expire.

How do you get AC certified?

To be certified, technicians must review the training material thoroughly and then pass a test demonstrating their knowledge of the training material. The certificate earned as a result of a passing score on the refrigerant quiz is only deemed as certification in the context of the EPA.

What is the difference between EPA 608 and 609?

EPA regulations (40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F) under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act address the handling and recycling of refrigerants used in stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems. under Section 609 of the Clean Air Act specifically address the servicing of motor vehicle air conditioners (MVACs).

Who needs 609 certification?

Any person who repairs or services a motor vehicle air conditioning (MVAC) system for consideration (payment or bartering) must be properly trained and certified under section 609 of the Clean Air Act by an EPA-approved program. All technicians servicing MVAC-like appliances must be certified.

Can you buy R22 refrigerant without a license?

R22 refrigerant is illegal to import and manufacturer in the U.S. But it’s not illegal for anyone to buy R22 freon. And it’s not illegal to sell it IF you have a license. As long as the stocks last, you will be able to continue purchasing R22 from specialized dealers and form your air conditioning company.

Can I get EPA certified online?

Can You Take EPA 608 Online? Yes! Since the Type I Certification is open book, you can study and take your test online right now. If the appliances you are working on exceed five pounds of refrigerant, the test will need to be proctored.

How long is HVAC certification?

An HVAC degree is typically completed at a trade school or community college, and it takes about two years to complete. However, some schools offer accelerated programs that can be completed at a faster pace.

Can you buy r22 with a 609 certification?

You cannot purchase R-22 refrigerant if you are only certified under 609. You will need to have a valid 608 certification as well in order to legally purchase or handle R-22 refrigerant. 609 certification only covers automotive air conditioning units.

What is 609 certified?

THE EPA REGULATIONS The MVAC certification is a 25-question, open-book format exam. Section 609 Certification allows the purchase of any refrigerant in any size container from an auto supply house for use in cooling the passenger compartment of vehicles!

What refrigerant can be mixed with R22?

The most commonly mixed refrigerants in the field are the replacements for R-22 — R-427A, R-438A, R-422D, and R-407C — which are often combined with the remaining R-22 in the system, said Maiorana.

What is EPA 608 certification?

The EPA 608 certification was introduced as part of the Clean Air Act and requires that technicians handling refrigerants are certified. To earn your certification you must pass a one-time exam administered by an EPA-approved certifying organization. Your certification never expires and there is no requirement for renewal.

Which is EPA certification 608?

EPA-Approved Section 608 Certification is needed to service building air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Type II Certification – Can only work on Medium, High and Very-High Pressure Appliances.

What is the EPA test?

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains test methods, which are approved procedures for measuring the presence and concentration of physical and chemical pollutants; evaluating properties, such as toxic properties, of chemical substances; or measuring the effects of substances under various conditions.

What is a refrigerant license?

Refrigeration Licensing. This license allows the holder to perform refrigeration work subject to inspection under any law, ordinance, by-law, rule or regulation. Refrigeration license is required for installing, repairing, replacing, maintaining any refrigerant.