How does Vinted protect sellers?

With Vinted Balance, you will safely receive your money once your buyer receives their item and confirms that everything is OK with it. Also, we use extra safety measures against fraud by flagging any suspicious buyer’s financial activity.

Does Vinted take a percentage?

The cost is 3–8% of the item price (before postage) plus £0.30–0.80.

Is Vinted worth it?

Overall thoughts: Vinted has been the best app for selling clothes that I’ve used. It is simple to use, there are no fees for listing items, and the buyer pays the postage and all other fees. I love that I just print the postage, package the item and can drop it to my local shop.

Does Vinted use mangopay?

7.3 VINTED calls on MANGOPAY SA to process the payment and store the information regarding the credit or debit card. Users may not use the Integrated Payment Service for types of product and services other than those registered with VINTED.

Will I get scammed on Vinted?

What sells well on Vinted?

He says women’s tops, dresses, jeans, coats, shoes (high heels, boots, trainers) and baby clothing all sell well on the site. And, if you wait for the right moment, you could make more than you expect. For example, wedding dresses sell well in May ahead of the peak season for getting hitched.

Can you get scammed on Vinted?

The reason why there are scammers on Vinted is because Vinted works hard to have users who actively use their platform and this means that they have purchases and sales and can buy from you.

Do things sell on Vinted?

According to online marketplace Vinted, co-founded in 2012 by Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas and boasting a community of 21million across the US, UK and Europe, the answer is yes. Vinted allows users to sell clothes – or even swap them with other sellers – it says, without fees.

What sells best on Vinted?

What can’t you sell on Vinted?

Items that are either not clothing, do not relate to fashion, beauty, accessorizing, children or simply do not align with the Vinted vision: Animal fur and its products. Also, items containing products from reptile skin, shells or ivory.

Why has MangoPay taken money?

MangoPay is our payments processor – when you send money or pay a bill with acasaPay, you will see their name appear on your bank transactions. MangoPay is also used by other companies, so you may see other MangoPay transactions that are not related to acasa showing up too.

What happens if I get scammed on Vinted?

If the buyer forgets to confirm, you’re still covered – we’ll transfer your earnings to your Vinted Balance 2 working days after your order is successfully closed. Also, we use extra safety measures against fraud by flagging any suspicious buyer’s financial activity.