How does Kenny change in the Watsons Go to Birmingham?

A dynamic character is one who changes, typically because of some conflict he or she encounters. Kenny transforms in his views of Byron. For much of the book, Kenny sees his brother as a tough, wisecracking older brother who is there when he’s in a bind, but their relationship is fairly superficial.

What did Byron do to lure Kenny from behind the couch?

What did Byron do to lure Kenny from behind the couch? Name at least three things. He asks him to watch cartoons. He asks him to eat with him.

What is the problem in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

One of the conflicts in the story is Kenny’s difficulty with social adjustment. He has a lazy eye which makes him look different, and is very intelligent, a characteristic which does not endear him to his peers when he is held up as an example of academic excellence to other students.

What did Byron do to his hair in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

Lesson Summary In chapter 7 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, Byron learns that he can’t pull one over on his parents. He gets his hair straightened, which they also call a process, a do, a butter, and a conk. Byron had it done because his friend Buphead had one and he wanted to look like a Mexican.

What was Byron’s punishment?

Kenny finds him locked in the bathroom and spies on him through the keyhole. Here’s what Byron is up to: Byron is pretending to make a movie called Nazi Parachutes Attack America and Get Shot Down over the Flint River by Captain Byron Watson and his Flamethrower of Death.

Why is Mrs Watson so angry with Byron?

Why is Mrs. Watson so angry with Byron? She wanted to be with him when he changed his hair. She was angry that he had spent money on his hair.

What do Kenny and Byron have in common?

Kenny and Byron are the same because they both know if they do something bad their in big trouble. 4.) They like to tease eachother and they like to scare there sister .

What is Byron’s reaction to the bird he killed?

Byron’s reaction here reveals that he’s not just a bully; he’s not all bad. He’s genuinely sorry to have killed a helpless creature, and to show it, he gives the bird a little funeral.

Why did Mrs Watson beep the horn like crazy?

By Christopher Paul Curtis Dad sticks to his plan and keeps driving nonstop. Kenny and the rest of the family wake up every once in a while, but everybody mostly sleeps until Momma finally announces that they’re home (she means her home of course). Momma’s so excited, she starts honking the horn like a crazy woman.

Why did Mr Watson call the landlord a snake in the grass?

Watson calls the landlord a “snake in the grass” because he felt that the landlord was avoiding the Watsons so that their heating problem wouldn’t have to be fixed.

How old is Momma in The Watsons Go to Birmingham?

She is five years old, and is in kindergarten. Wilona Sands Watson – Usually called Momma. She’s the mother of the three children and the wife of Daniel. A native of Birmingham, she slips into a thick southern accent when mad or excited and complains about Flint’s harsh winters.

How does Byron meet when he meets Grandma?

How does Byron behave when he meets Grandma sands? Byron behaves well because he knows Grandma Sands expects him to respect her. How does Mrs. Watson act differently when she is with her mother in Alabama compared with how she acts at home in Flint?

What is Kenny referring to when he sees the scariest things he’s ever seen?

What is Kenny referring to when he sees “the scariest things” he’s ever seen? Describe them. He is referring to the stars in the sky and that there were more than usual. He describes it as if it looks like a deformed, evil, one-armed space robot.

What is Kenny trying to grab out in the deeper water?

But Kenny ignores all the warnings and gets in the water. He starts trying to catch some of the fish hanging around in the shallow water. Then he notices a turtle out in the deeper water. He takes a few more steps out and makes a grab for it.

What was Kenny after in the water?

Explain what happened with Kenny since he thought the “Wool Pooh” story was a lie. Since Kenny did not believe the “Wool Pooh” was real so he decided to go into the water at Collier’s Landing. He tried to grab a turtle and missed but slipped further into the water where he could not touch.

Why did joetta leave the church who saved her?

Joetta explains that she left the church because she was so hot. Then she saw Kenny wave to her so she chased him down the street!

Why does Kenny feel so weak?

Kenny spends the next few days in a state of shocked lethargy. Byron has made him promise not to tell anyone what happened at Collier’s Landing, and the family simply assumes that Kenny’s weakness and malaise is just a reaction to the heat.

Why does Kenny hide behind the couch?

Kenny hides behind the couch because he’s waiting to see if the magic powers will work to make him feel better, too. Momma starts making Kenny do stuff with Rufus, but Kenny doesn’t feel like playing with toys anymore, so he gives all his dinosaurs away.

Why does joetta think Kenny changed his clothes?

The Wool Pooh was getting revenge on Kenny and he saw it when he saw a shoe that looked like Joey’s to find out that the Wool Pooh was on the other side. Why do Joetta think that Kenny has changed his clothes? Also because he feels like a coward when he ran away from the church and Wool Pooh.

Why does Byron start sleeping on the couch?

Believe it or not, Byron spends so much time on the couch towards the end of this story because he is concerned about his younger brother Kenny and the way that he is acting since they returned to Flint after the terrible experiences of Birmingham and the violence and death that Kenny witnessed.