How does a Klargester septic tank work?

Working correctly, a Klargester septic tank will collect your wastewater, separate out the solids and discharge the effluent into the drain field or soakaway. When solids build up in your Klargester septic tank they can block the outlet to your drain field resulting in your waste flooding the surrounding area.

How often does a Klargester need emptying?

every three to five years
As a general rule, you should have a contractor round to empty your septic tank every three to five years. However, you may need to do this more regularly if you use more water or you have a smaller system. The main benefit of doing this on a regular basis is that you minimise the chances of overflows.

Do Klargester tanks need emptying?

The alpha Klargester tank In most cases, the bigger your property and the more residents it has, the more frequently your septic tank will need emptying.

How far should a soakaway be from a septic tank?

The trenches for the soakaway should be between 300mm and 900mm wide with a distance of 2m between trenches. A inspection chamber must be installed between the septic tank and the soakaway. Soakaways should be constructed in a circuit to make a continuous loop.

Is a Klargester BioDisc a septic tank?

The Klargester Domestic BioDisc is a package sewage treatment plant desgined for use in domestic dwellings, small offices and light industrial premises. Using rotating biological contractor technology the BioDisc delivers a pollution removal level in excess of 95%….Klargester BioDisc BA – 6 Person Sewage Treatment Plant.

Model: BA
Sludge Return Pump Rating (watts): 250

Do all septic tanks have Soakaways?

The most significant change to the General Binding Rules, in this case, stated that all septic tanks must not drain to a soakaway but to a drainage field, or drainage fields, definitely not to a local ditch or watercourse.