How do you unlock Bresha ruins 100?

You can unlock Bresha Ruins [100 AF] by using the gate in the southwest of The Black Sands in A Dying World [700 AF].

How do you unlock Bresha Ruins 300 AF fragments?

BRESHA RUINS 300 AF Fragment 1 – Control Device Password 2 – To start this quest, do Yaschif Massif 110AF Fragment 1. After getting the first password, travel to this time, and go to the Atlas device. Talk to the man in front of it, then talk to the device. Solve the time puzzle to receive this Fragment.

Where is the silver petal Ffxiii 2?

Bresha Ruins
Speak to Jed in Lamentable Rest (the cemetery at the northeast) to begin this quest. Travel to Bresha Ruins 300 AF to look at the flower east of Chocobo and Lex (Iridium Ring NPC) to get a Silver Petal. Return to Bresha Ruinds 005 AF and give the item to Jed.

How do you get wild artefacts in ff13 2?

Complete the Iridium Ring fragment and use Moogle Hunt near the NPC’s location. After completing the temporal rift, use Moogle Throw from the southern platform. Halfway through the journey, use Moogle Throw on the east side. Once access is gained, use Moogle Throw onto the low platform to gain the Artefact.

How do I unlock the Oerba 400 AF?

Oerba 400 is unlocked from the Wild Gate in Oerba 300 which is unlocked from the Wild Gate in Augusta Tower 200.

How do you unlock Yaschas Massif 100 AF?

Yaschas Massif 100 AF

  1. Start by heading to the command center and check the side of the conference table to find a hidden crate with a ‘Bulb of Hope’.
  2. Return to the Pass of Paddra and talk to Ruby of Grief not far from where the picture frame was for the Siegrune’s Spiritbloom Fragment quest.

How do you unlock the Oerba AF?

User Info: Phophenomenon. There’s a gate in Augusta Tower 200 AF (should be on the 49th floor) that leads to Oerba 300 AF. You will need a Wild Artefact. Solve all of the rifts in Oerba 300 AF so the gate can become available.

Where is the graviton core in Oerba 400 AF?

Oerba 400 AF – Graviton Core Zeta You can find this core at the beach. It is slightly east of the school, near the water. You could imagine an horizontal line between the two spheres found in the school and search east across it.

How do I get to Yaschas Massif 110?

To find him, grab a chocobo and take a left at the fork past Chocolina’s shop and have the bird jump on the ledge where the man is. The correct answer for the live trigger prompt is Triangle (the manual), Take the notes back to Abraham to complete this quest.

How many endings does Ffxiii 2 have?

In addition to the true ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2, there are eight alternate endings referred to as “Paradox Endings”. These eight endings can only be triggered by doing certain tasks in the worlds.

Where is Ugallu?

Ugallu is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It can be encountered in the southwest part of Yaschas Massif -110 AF- even if its associated quest is not active.

Do you need 100 AF to complete the Bresha ruins?

I have the BIG jump (or whatever its called) I have 300af and 5 af unlocked… do i need 100af before i can complete??/ There are two other timelines for the Bresha Ruins – 100 AF and 300 AF – that you will need to visit and explore in order to get the full 100% map completion.

Where are the ruins of Bresha in Final Fantasy?

In one of the concept artworks, Eden, the floating capital city of Cocoon, has collapsed into Lake Bresha that lies at the bottom of the crystallized Cocoon. The ruins of Bresha from 500 and 900 AF are also included within the artworks of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega.

Where to find rhodium ring fragment at Bresha ruins?

Now, return to the Lamentable Rest and speak to Ronan there for the Rhodium Ring Fragment quest.To find the device he needs, head to Bresha Ruins 300 AF – Lamentable Rest and check the ground directly across from the chocobo where you can retrieve the ‘Old Device’. Take it back to Ronan at Bresha Ruins 100 AF to complete this quest.

What is the theme for the Bresha ruins?

At 300 AF, the Bresha Ruins’ theme is ” Full Speed Ahead “, a rearranged version of ” Noel’s Theme “. In an early demo, the ” New Bodhum ” theme plays in the Bresha Ruins. This section about a location in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is empty or needs to be expanded. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it.