How do you uncomment code?

If you select a block of code and use the key sequence Ctrl+K+C, you’ll comment out the section of code. Ctrl+K+U will uncomment the code.

How do you uncomment quickly?

5 Answers

  1. You can select all lines in the code cell with Ctrl + A (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + A (Mac)
  2. Then press Ctrl + / (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + / (Mac) to uncomment.
  3. Press / again to comment.

How do you uncomment a flutter?

To uncomment a block of code, use your mouse to select it and then use the following key combination:

  1. Ctrl + K then Ctrl + U if you’re on Windows.
  2. Command + K then Command + U if you’re on a Mac.

How do you uncomment multiple lines?

Uncommenting Multiple Lines

  1. Press CTRL + V to enable visual block mode.
  2. Move down and select the lines till you want to uncomment.
  3. press x and it will uncomment all the selected lines at once.

What is uncommented code?

Therefore to “uncomment” a line of code is done by removing the “//“ and causes the compiler to execute that line of code.

How do I uncomment HTML code automatically?

5. Uncomment HTML

  1. Your h1 element should be visible on the page by uncommenting it.
  2. Your h2 element should be visible on the page by uncommenting it.
  3. Your p element should be visible on the page by uncommenting it.
  4. No trailing comment tags should be visible on the page (i.e. –> )

How do I uncomment HTML code?

How do you uncomment in VS code?

use ctrl+ / to uncomment in VS Code.

How do you create a textbox in flutter?

appBar: AppBar( title: Text(‘Flutter TextField Example’), ), body: Padding(…Flutter TextField

  1. TextField (
  2. decoration: InputDecoration(
  3. border: InputBorder. none,
  4. labelText: ‘Enter Name’,
  5. hintText: ‘Enter Your Name’
  6. ),
  7. );

How do you select a comment?

To comment out a selection, we first highlight the code: And then just press “Ctrl+K, C”: That’s it. Just another one of the many keyboard shortcuts available.

How do I uncomment in Visual Studio?

Shortcut key for uncomment in Visual Studio 2019

  1. Select the piece of code that you would like to uncomment.
  2. Then click CTRL + K + U to uncomment.

How do you uncomment multiple lines on a Spyder?

The shortcut to comment out multiple lines of code in spyder IDE is to first select all the lines which need to be commented out and then the key combination ctrl+4 is pressed.

How to comment or uncomment select text in Android Studio?

At least in Android Studio 2.2.3 with default key mapping, to comment or uncomment a select text, same hotkeys are used as Toggle. Using the hotkeys changes the state from comment to uncomment, and next time Uncomment to comment on next and vice versa.

How to uncomment direct share in Android Studio?

Note: In direct-share-start the code for each step in this codelab is included, commented out between TODO statements. To uncomment the code, you can use Android Studio shortcuts: ⌘ + / in Mac or Ctrl + / in Windows/Linux. You should compare the code you write to the included commented-out code.

How do you uncomment code in a comment?

The caret is moved to the end of the block comment. An alternative way to comment any block of code is to select it, press Alt+Enter and choose Comment selection. The same way works for uncommenting code inside a block comment – set the caret anywhere in the block comment, press Alt+Enter and choose Uncomment.

How to uncomment a block in Android Studio?

To comment/uncomment a block, use: Ctrl + Shift + /. Highly active question. Earn 10 reputation (not counting the association bonus) in order to answer this question. The reputation requirement helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity.